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  1. Sup fellow Fapstronauts.I'm your average Fapstronauts, got a heavy porn addiction. Thought maybe I should take some action. I know I can't stay like this, this will probably be the solution to it. Although... I need to work for it. Wish me luck.
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    Welcome to the forum. Best of luck to you in your goals!
  3. Good luck to you as well in future goals.
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  4. Thanks for the advice! I think I should start a journel right about now.
    So... It's been pretty good. Talking to family has been pretty much a really good habit lately. (Yes, I turned it into a habit.) My sleep hasn't been the best, probably because of my bad sense of time making me stay up at night. I need to work on that mostly. Everything else has been good so far. Thanks again for your advice and i'll love to hear some more if possible.
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  5. Alright, quick update here. So, it's like 30mins away from my first day of no porn/masturbation and... It's going very well. I had this habit long ago of just walking a lot in the house and this helps a lot to keeping my mind away from any sexual thoughts. I think if i keep this up, This 180 day challenge will go well. Plus... I feel in general that i started to get rid of them all together. Although... This is only day one and things may change. Hopefully for the better. (Btw, thanks to anyone who took time of their day to read this, it means a lot.)
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  6. Sidenote, if anyone is interested. I will be moving my journal into a new thread.
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