Four-month quitting changed my life. Come on, brothers.

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    I'm 24 years old. Before, I had masturbated more than 10 years old. In primary school, I was misled by a classmate's words. From then on, I have embarked on an endless road.

    After I retired from the army in 2010, I lost my hair so much. When I washed hair every day, it would drop a lot. In less than two years, I became like a little old man. At that time, I was desperate and very self-inferiority. I did not dare to go out without a hat. But I couldn't get rid of masturbation all the time.
    In August, When I used the medicine for my hair, my neighbor, an old man, as a China's Medicine Doctor, told me that, I would make body hollow inside and I couldn't cure me then, if I tried to masturbate later. And all in all, what he said was fearful. I was really scared.
    (And of course, as long as you start to quit, you can recover.)

    At that time, I forcibly got rid from filth for more than three months. At the beginning, several times I almost couldn't bear it. Later, I was confident that my hair was effected little by little. I, sending this post, has no other meaning, and just would like give everyone confidence. Cheer brothers, don't give up and miracle will appear!!!
    (This is a post translated from the China's anti-filth forum, the JieSe Forum.)
    For the guide book for quitting filth and salacity, CTM and health preserving theory of which may solve your many question in quitting, you can download it in the below.

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  2. After years of masturbation, the original author of the post lost his hair. And he quitting filth and salacity for a few months, the hair had been improved.
    In addition, compulsive quitting is useful, but it is temporary. If you only quit compulsorily and forcibly and do not know why to quit filth and salacity and the method of that, eventually it's maybe not easy to get good results for a long time.

    If you can't realize moderate masturbation porn is extremely addictive, like drugs. You can't really quit. In the world, drugs are external, but some drugs are in the mind and spirit.

    Drugs are called "deleterious things" in China. Why? Because just a bit this thing is addictive for a man, until people's body and spirit is scraped.

    A gamblers never quit until they are loaded so much.

    A normal person will not tell you that, as a healthy person, you should take "moderate" drugs. The addicts will use "moderation is harmless" as an excuse for addiction.

    For the words,"moderation is harmless",there is the specific
    applicable condition. If you use that with the drugs for a healthy man, after a few years, his mind and body will become worse, which is a disaster.
    If you can't understand the source of your symptoms, it's also difficult to quit.

    Just like quitting smoking, if you can't reflect on the dangers of smoking, you're actually reluctant to quit at the inner mind, as well as quitting filth and salacity.

    Besides, the inner essence is vital for cerebrospinal fluid, spinal cord and bone marrow. The harm of several-year masturbation will be manifested on hair quality decline, mind decline, indecent temperament and serious acne, etc.

    Of course, masturbation is not the whole reason for the above symptoms, because things are not always caused by a simple reason. So it does not mean that everything is attributed to masturbation, but there is a major reason for that, and after many years of masturbation and porn, so many people had a more and more poor memory gradually.

    The police dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, but after one mating, the sense of smell was halved. After three mating the police dog will be eliminated directly, because the dog have no ability to solve the case. Then, the effect of energy on the body is obvious.

    We know that the people showing highest IQ in the world is the German Jews, with an average IQ of more than 130. This nation is very strict with the taboo of sexual desire. The same is true of the old-generation Britons, who have a clear mind and a full kidney, a full brain and a superb intelligence, and naturally make extraordinary achievements in all fields.

    On the contrary, some ethnic groups with few sexual taboos have low IQ and are relatively backward. The lowest intelligence quotient is the tribal peoples of Central Africa and South Africa, which are very overflowing and open, with an average intelligence quotient of 54. This is actually a direct reflection between the degree of civilization and mental state. (There is no racial discrimination against any ethnic group, just an objective speaking)
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  3. Hi brother thank you for your highly inspirational post! Do you think, for your experience and knowledge, that it is possible a hair recover even if one is affected for genetic baldness?
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    I don't know, i quit for four months, but my hair didn't regrow :D
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    Like to more info about this thank you
  6. The cause of hair loss may be work stress, emotion, excessive use of brain and inner essence hurt, so you could also take notice of the other aspects. In addition, everyone's state is different and the recovery is some different, but I believe your other symptoms have improved some.
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  7. As the words at #7, hair loss is not caused by a single reason, and genetic baldness is actually present. But, after all, genetic baldness is the case for part of people. And all of these factors above may be one of the incentives. So, people who get hair loss do not always say that my hair loss is caused by genes. Some people get alopecia by inner essence hurt, and they may recover some with quitting filth and salacity.
    In CTM, the hair quality is the manifestation of inner essence in a extent. and this does not exclude other factors. But I think, for those who have masturbate for many years and then get hair loss, the most probable reason is inner essence hurt.
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    Yes, my skin is slowly and slightly getting better.
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    Could you please upload the full version of the ebook u attached above?

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