Fourteen Steps Challenge

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  1. Pick your desired mode and start climbing the ladder. The first step is one day long, the second is two days, and so on, the last step being fourteen days.

    If you can make through a step without a reset, you get to the next. Otherwise, start the ongoing step again. The steps make 105 days in total. Try to finish them with the least amount of "lives".

    Sharpen your "why" in the beginning of every step. You can give yourself a little reward for each completed stage if you like.
  2. The first days are the toughest and most dangerous. That's why I will stay clean today. Going hard mode in this challenge.
  3. The first step completed! Now eyes on the next two days, which is something that I can always do if I want.
  4. Im in
    Check in tuesday
    Base line . Approaching the steps :)
  5. Good. Always eyes on the next goal.
  6. Checkpoints? Interesting. It's surprising that (afaik) nobody came up with it yet.
  7. Check in wednesday
    Im on the first step
    I will reach second step tomorrow :)
  8. Actually the leading idea was the division of a larger task into smaller ones. The intention is to always know one's next short term goal and why it's important to make it happen. I think the challenge becomes more concrete like this, although technically this too can go on forever without completion. So yes, of course we need checkpoints. Why would we waste our time digging our holes deeper if we can just keep going instead?
  9. The second step completed.

    All I need for now is to complete the next three days. I want it because it's good for me.
  10. Check in thursday
    Step 1 and 2 completed
    On the way to step 3
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  11. 2/3

    The current finish line is well in sight and the road seems to be clear.
  12. 3/3

    The third step completed already! I'm going to make sure I won't indulge in PMO during the next four days. It has destroyed my life long enough.
  13. Check in tuesday
    3/ 3
    Next step is 4
    0 / 4
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  14. 0/4

    Reset because of edging. That must not slow me down.
  15. Attacking the fourth step again. I want to look forward.
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