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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Foxislander, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Foxislander

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    Creativity, thoughtfulness, selflessness, relationship with God, self discipline, delayed gratification, self worth, self esteem, personal growth, less electronics, no need or want for neither porn or masterbation. Real love, kindness, and mind blowing intimate sex and I am helping others so far 77 want to reach more could you be the one? God knows your heart and your purpose. Find it.
    My journal

    Last man standing forever challenge daily check in
    Be bold find yourself become a better version you
  2. Randox

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    Congratulations man, keep up the good job .
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  3. Good to see such positive approach.
  4. leo da king

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    Congrats, 5 months is such a great achievement! If I was to warn you, beware of the increase in testosterone this next month. Alot of people get an increase in testosterone around the 5-7 month mark and relapse because they aren't used to it.
  5. Foxislander

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    Had it checked 801, I do a shot every 2 weeks. It fades in a few days mid way number is 580 which is perfect
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  6. seaguy44

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    Congratulations my brother!
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  7. Congrats to you Mr @Foxislander !! You're doing a great job by inspiring others along your journey as well !! Thanks for sharing & keep going !!
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