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  1. Loved this documentary. It just won an Academy Award. Check it out!

    If you saw it, what did you take away?
  2. One of the greatest athletic achievements in history, if not the greatest. Thinking about how difficult some of those maneuvers were (like the boulder problem and the traverse) was really offputting enough for me, but having to imagine performing them after 2,000 feet of climbing without any ropes really sealed it for me. I doubt it will ever be achieved again. A+ documentary
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    Alex is really amazing. He must have out-of-this-world strong grip and endurence. Not to mention balls. Thanks for posting.
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    Didn't feel satisfied with it, too much of his personal life. I would have loved to watch the full climb, even if it took 3 hours and a half, and more analysis of the route.
    In any case, it's still a good docu, and what he did was... well, historic.
  5. Well, guess that's production life, they always want to share more of a story rather than just the athletic feat. It would be cool if they somehow released a companion documentary just showing the full climb. Maybe you should send them an email to recommend it?

    They probably only have the full climb documented on the zoom lens from the ground since they only set up close-up shots sporadically throughout the route, but still would be cool to see.
  6. Props to him for doing that since not many people would have the guts to risk death in order to climb this natural wonder solo. I'm now going to have to find this online or somewhere since I want to watch it now. :D
  7. It's available on Amazon for 5.99 or buy for 9.99.
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    I just watched it on All 4. It's available to watch for free for 90 days on All 4.
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    I disagree. I think showing his personal life made it better. His relationship between him and his girlfriend explored the question over whether you can achieve your goals and be happy.
    Judging by the end of the film the answer is yes.
    Another thing I took away from the film is that it's ok to not go through something if you feel like you shouldn't.

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