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What's your stance on the Free the Nipple Campaign?

  1. I fully support it.

  2. It's dumb as hell.

  3. I don't really care.

  1. Themadfapper

    Themadfapper Fapstronaut



    Women show way more skin than men do! If a guy dressed the way a lot of women do in ridiculously showy and skimpy outfits he would be ostracised. Personally, I would rather people had to keep their ass covered. I've seen chicks walking around in thongs or in super short skirts with their asses hanging out at the supermarket!

    The other thing is most of the women who want this are fat feminists and they will waddle around their disgusting bodies up and down the street to protest or just to torture you. Careful what you wish you may just get it.
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  2. Cockyau

    Cockyau Fapstronaut

    Thinking in more advance, what would the wife or girlfriend feels when her husband or boyfriend keep staring or peeking on other women's naked boobs? Then next there will be a campaign to abolish it lol.
    Something are not meant to be exposed, shouldn't be revealed. Not because of the thing itself, but on the fact that it will trigger many unnecessary problems.

    Guess there's some cases where topless man walk around and get raped by women or gay? Anyone wanna try a "reverse thinking"?
  3. HardReboot

    HardReboot Fapstronaut

    are you saying topless women walk around and get raped by men and lesbian..
  4. Cockyau

    Cockyau Fapstronaut

    Well, I never intended to encode my message that way. I have no idea why you decoded it this way but definitely I didn't say that. Some argued that instead of freeing the nipples, it should be the men themselves to cover up their body. So, is there any point of doing so? Topless man =/= topless woman. Male and female are biologically different, this is an obvious fact that we couldn't deny. People denounce the difference instead of appreciate it.
    I agree that there is inequality in treatment on women, and I'm not a proponent of this idea. In the light of treatment, there should not be any brainless discrimination based on gender. IMO, equality doesn't mean to be exactly the same; but sufficiently fair for both different group, e.g. metaphorically, you feed meat to both the tiger and the cow, it's equal, but does it serves any purpose to the cow?
    Perhaps I can't think the way you think and you can't seeing eye to eye; that's fine. It's those differences that don't make our world boring.
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  5. Calvinklein

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    Exactly. Cant find a better argument than this. Just hoping one day there wont be a movement claiming men should wear tampons too :p
  6. CerealKiller

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    Dont get me wrong, I am not against the notion of equality and all that. I am in complete support of it. I just find that many arguments charge ahead without actually assessing the current situation. Like Free The Nipple. The current situation is that it is the norm for some and not for others. And YES, while the masses remain uneducated the problem will continue. Sex Ed in most western countries is abstinence only and completely fails to actually educate young people about sexuality. When I had sex ed in school it was just learning what the bits are called, how they work and how babies grow and stuff. It never went into things like consent, or sexual preferences, or debunking myths created by movies and porn. Porn is exciting to most young people (which is usually where the objectivity starts due to not being taught how to interact between the sexes) because sex is taboo. Young men and women arent taught to "normalize" each other. Boys are icky, and girls are to be pursued. Ya know?

    So until we can create a much more holistic and natural perspective of our genders, bodies, and sex, radically introducing public nudity is sure to cause problems. That is like putting an attack dog in a Kindergarten.

    There is the world we WANT, and the world that we HAVE.

    But I disagree that it solely lies on the men. There are many men who know better and respect women. The ratio of stupid men and women is far more equal than I interpret but your statement. I do agree that the law encourages people to be crap, though. I think that in the world, at least the one i see, there are a lot of rules for "dont do THAT!" But these arent replaced by representations of the correct behaviour. I think most people, especially young people, lack decent OLDER role models that can demonstrate correct behaviour and encourage growth and maturity.

    Whether we agree or disagree, I appreciate your reply and your opinions. Thank you.
  7. CerealKiller

    CerealKiller Fapstronaut


    I absolutely see validity in your point. Women show off their bodies too readily, and encourage toplessness could reduce the modesty even further.
    My opinion is that it is the lack of values we instill in people that make this so. If a person behaves and dresses modestly, and occasionally attends a nudist beach or something then I doubt many would class that as a concern because that person clearly has constraint over the way they project themselves etc. We teach young people that the human body is a medium for sexual behaviour. That it is a thing to be desired, and to be won. A limited amount of people can see nudity and shrug at it and go on with their day. Some people would gawk, and take photos, and sexualize it. So until we can debunk this mindset and cultivate a far more modest perception of the human form, then yeah, free the nipple could just encourage irresponsible people to do more harm than good. And while I doubt we could ever achieve 100% of people behaving themselves, I think big things must change before we will be ready.

    Just my opinion n all.

    Take care ^____^
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  8. IGY

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    So, come on Dizzy - have you had your nipples out in the Netherlands and did you get punished and what did they do! :eek:
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  9. Dizzy Lotus

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    Nope! [​IMG] I realised I'd rather wear a sleeve-less shirt in summer, so I don't get burnt too badly.
  10. Beingpure

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    It is interesting that in my country(as far as I am concerned), most supporters are male.Three students from one of the famous senior high school for boys even fly overseas to support the funder.
    There are thousands things more important to empower girls than this one !! Unfair salary, career choices,health care,courts,the popular culture. "Free the nipple" is just like people who fear to go bankrupt than spend all their money away.Although it is very effective (?? because one can keep in poor statue by keep borrowing the money)but also the dumbest way to solve the questions. I mean, they are many more practical and reasonable things we can do.
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  11. SMK

    SMK Guest

    U mean that you are not in favour of those women walking half naked to get their rights.
    U believe thats the wrong idea ????
  12. I think, like many people here have said, the only way to make this work would be to completely de-sexualize breasts. Sure, there are plenty of cultures that are totally fine with topless women, but there are also plenty of cultures that are totally fine with men not wearing pants. In those cultures, those body parts aren't sexualize. But at least in the US, that's not the case. We are too far gone to make that work.

    However, here's the thing I think is dumb and makes no sense: the fact that this is an issue of equality. As a woman, it does not even begin to compute in my brain how any woman would be SO upset about the fact that men can be shirtless and we can't. I'm sorry, but who gives a crap? Is it really that much of a burden to put on a shirt? Are we really "oppressed" by that extra piece of fabric? Honestly, I think this is the dumbest thing in the world and it's stuff like this that makes me despise feminism. Fighting like hell for something so completely insignificant. It's absurd. As many other have said here, there are millions of more important issues in equality to be focusing on.

    Also, on a personal level, I would be extremely annoyed if the whole "free the nipple" thing became law, because like it or not, breasts ARE sexual. Doesn't matter if they weren't "supposed to be," they are now, and I don't want my husband to live in a world where he can walk down the street without feeling like he has to avert his gaze and feel uncomfortable.
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  13. bodigura

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    free the nipple? in your room, please
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  14. We were born without clothes. I reckon we should go back to that! *wink wink* haha
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  15. National Geographic: Freeing the nipple since 1888.
  16. Deadlihood

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  17. IggyIshness

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    why not just have have sex in public and free my big dick?
  18. Deadlihood

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    oh boy
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  19. Mr Free

    Mr Free Guest

    Honestly I've been very upset about this because in the minds of those who think it's "normal", it is. But however not everyone thinks like that, it's going to be sexually exciting for many men and evidently many of them go to those events just to take pictures and look at the women's breasts.

    Let's put it this way : Women with daughters (who are in favour of this idea) tell their daughters that they're just as deserving to be "free" like men/boys. So what's next? Young girls walking around topless as well? It sounds like pedophile heaven. There's just so much wrong with this whole idea that it makes me livid. There are things that women need that men have on the regular I'm sure, but those women choose to argue about really dumb things, it's actually very petty.

    Examples: Woman tries to sue boys scouts for not letting her join, claiming they're sexist.

    Honestly the bottom line is I don't know why people are acting so oppressed and feel like they deserve everything, it's really sad actually.

    *Sorry for the rant, these are just my opinions. I mean no harm*
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  20. Cuポ

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    It's pretty dumb. They could catch a cold.
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