Free will and nofap-the crux of the whole matter!!

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    Disclaimer : please..this thread is very important (in my opinion at least)my intentions is to clear the confusion from the very fundamental crux of nofap vs pmo battle. low quality comments. I know I've got some haters in this forum..but I don't care. I'm more than open to disagreement..but I'm tired of some people disagreeing for the sake of disagreement!.

    Nofap vs pmo?..its nothing but a choice. If you know what's the right choice(and you know it) you should just choose it. But why there is struggle?!..simply because. .you don't have free will.!. We can keep talking until next year about why we struggle in nofap..all of it wil be suprifical reasons.. the core of the proplem is deeper than that.

    A few months ago I posted a thread called "free will and nofap" and I simply asked a queastion "how can we commit to nofap If we don't have free will?" And no satisfying answer.

    What is free will?!..
    Two assumptions:
    1-we are the counsious author of our thoughts and actions.
    2-if time goes back ..we could have choose different choice than what we did .
    Unfortunately ..both assumptions are false.

    The second one is easily disproven by the fact that we live in universe governed by physical laws that creates a chain of causality. If the universe reverse itself again from the big bang a million will get the same results over and over again. You will get me writing these words and you reading them right now. This is called determinism.

    The first assumption is so obviously wrong but your mind doesn't want to beileve it. You are not the author of your thoughts and actions don't control a single thought or word or action..and this is because "you" don't exist. The physical body exists ..but there is no CEO living inside your skull controlling things. You are just a robot. Now you might argue"the soul exist". It doesn't. And even if it does the queastion remains .who controls the soul?.

    If you have a doubt ..try this. Sit by yourself and sit up an alarm for five minutes and try to stop your thoughts.. you will discover that you litteraly cannot stop you thoughts at all!! also don't know what is the next thought in your mind!! just arise to you.

    I ask you to NOT think about a pink elephant ..what happens? thinked about it right? You have no control . No you didn't?. It's because I told you don't have control !!.

    Now.. how is that related to nofap?..if you are smart enough you should realize that here lies the crux of the whole matter. What is an "urge" but a thought which you cannot control?!..why can't you control it if you have free will?..well ..the brain changes and the addicted mind..etc...yes exactly..its just brain activity. .No free will.

    So ..what now?!!
    The stronger desire will ALWAYS win. You desire pmo..and at the same time desire nofap..what needs to happen is to make the desire for nofap so much stronger . Even though you don't have free will but you don't hit your head to the wall because the desire for that is so weak .

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    great post. I do agree, and it is often why will power alone will not work. My problem is that I still enjoy porn on some level, but I need to convince my subconscious that negatives far outway the benefits. i really appreciated this post, as i have been struggling past couple of days
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