1. SpotlessMind24

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    I could not do it until I stoped visiting this site, until I blocked porn, until I wished 100% to win this habit.I completly forgot about porn or masturbation, I have a feeling like this was in other life. Now I opened this forum becouse I remembered about it.

    What changed? Well hard to say. Its not superpowers, but it affects. I suposse its just make you much more mature. Becouse I deleted PMO my intereses changed as well, I found a good job, I found there my current girlfriend which I love very much, I dont find video games as something good, I consider it just a waste of time etc.

    Should you fight with PMO? Yes if it really stress you. I am happy I am free now, though this was a long fight.
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  2. I Free I

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    keep it up ! fight the good fight ! be "free" !

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