Do you even miss it?

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  2. Hell nahhh

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  1. There is no benchmark you have to get to to be free from pmo. You aren’t transformed after 90 days. You are free as soon as you choose to be free. And when you do choose to be free, you are doing so because you know deep down that you never needed pmo to get through your problems. It never actually did anything for you. It never made you feel better when you were down and YOU DON’T EVEN MISS IT. Quitting is only hard when you think you’re actually making a sacrifice. Quitting is not a sacrifice… You aren’t missing out on a damn thing my friend. Go be happy right now
  2. And don’t wait another second❤️ Celebrate your freedom every single day! 9 months free and stronger than ever
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    Sounds Good! Thx alot! we rise higher! Thx for support!

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