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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by gaaroth, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Is relapse mean that you brake your pause and you did pmo ?!

    If yes , this is the biggest mistake. I did this two times and that old myself go back..

    Never ever relapse bacause you will back on the same way :(
    I know what is the feeling. When you relapse you promise to yourself 'oh dont worry only one view porn , only one masturbation per month '
    Bla bla , but after 1 week you start do Pmo often :(

    That was my story before. Thats why never ever watch hot pictures, and dont touch you penis.
    This is to all users. Stay strong
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    Yes this is exactly what I feel, once you have relapse you have so many urge everyday. But I can feel already my new ride, I got an excess of energy today, I needed to work out at 5pm, cold shower was easy. Like I said you have to see masturbation as a ratio, my ratio is still better than 90% of the "casual" people. The positive thing it's that's I've really seen how PMO can give you lazyness in 2 minutes. But today I wanted already to read, to move my ass, I have a date this week end I want to be more than ready 4 days of NoFap with workout meditation cold shower I will be perfect I hope :) Amazing things happened to me after my first 4 days of NoFap ahah let's see !

    I got some attraction by girls, relapse doesn't delete my attraction, because it was just once like that. But yes, the reboot is not complete this is true, but I was afraid to be to sensitive for my date I think, are you afraid by this too sometimes ?

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