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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by dylan.thomas, Sep 17, 2014.

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    You, on the other hand, are being very short-sighted and falsely oversensitive to "insults", Weiland, but I don't care, as the OP's probably not around anymore anyway.

    I also don't like the way you threaten me (let us the mods decide who leaves and who doesn't), as much as I did not like e5s implying that I am poorly educated and unable to comprehend complex sentences (which you obviously don't qualify as being a jerk - which in turn suggests you're a jerk yourself). But I am a man of patience and so just don't give a damn, wishing that we end this dramatically unconstructive discussion at this point.
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    Hi All, just looking through the thread here, and the different posts here all have something valid to say. It seems reasonable to say that we shouldn't necessarily demonize PMO, and that some people can use it can use it in a moderate or healthy way. However, to paraphrase, "this isn't your father's or grandfather's porn". With high-speed internet and 24/7 access to computers, and also realizing the science which shows how it does affect the brain, it's like comparing someone from the Woodstock generation toking on a joint to somebody today getting involved with Crystal Meth. There are many who will get sucked in with this current environment who in the past would have been better able to set boundaries and not lose themselves in it.

    Peace, C
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    So? What do you expect them to do? You will never win really good friends if you're a PMO addict because your habits are written on your forehead and the really good people would never be loyal to a PMO addict. Note that this is not my personal opinion, I'm just telling you how nature works, and nature has a wonderful ability to make masturbators' lives living hells.
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    My two closest buddies both scoffed and mocked when I informed them of my intentions to banish pornography from my life. I've subsequently had a conversation with one of them and he informed me that a great deal of what I'd been saying rings true with him - he's now on day 4.
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    That's sweet man! I wish you both continue to have the strength to resist.

    I've told two really close friends about it and the problems it caused in my life. They were both really supportive. One of them told me he doesn't do it cause he just doesn't see the appeal. The other says he does occasionally but he doesn't think its caused any problems in his life, and he still supports me quitting.

    On another note, I've never really been in a sitatuion where I'm among people and they start talking about porn. If I ever was, I always imagine I would say something like "You know, I quit porn about so-and-so months ago, and I've found life to be so much better without it."

    Even if someone, like my second friend, can handle it in moderation without any significant negatives, they are still contributing to the crime that is so closely linked to the porn industry, but I wouldn't scoff or say they're a bad person for it. I would want them to quit because they're interested in the benefits, or because they realize themselves the wrongs involved.
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    To PrivateSDGuy,

    Comparing pmo to prescription drugs is like comparing murdering humans to hunting animals. One is necessary and was construed with the intention of helping people survive and be healthy, while the other is a transgression. Porn was not created with benevolent intentions in mind. No one said, "Wow, I think I'm going to benefit humankind by filming people who don't love each other having sex and then distribute it to the world to help people." So saying pmo is in any way similar to prescription drugs is completely wrong.

    PMO IS a moral question. I guarantee you that God is not proud of pornography and is disappointed and saddened when we view it. That said, I would not want to ban pornography if I was given the choice, because I believe in agency and volition. Without temptation, there would be no challenges in life and no reason to live. Pornography is just a part of the many moral choices we have to make.

    No one is justified in watching pornography even if they can watch a little here and there without becoming addicted.
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    Well, I do agree PMO is a moral issue (if you define morality as the knowledge on long-term consequences of your actions). I only do not believe in absolute morality. If you believe in God, then the motive is obvious here. The other non-believers just risk going to hell (from your POV), and it's their business. You see, what I assume is that their wrongdoing will eventually have its self-destructive feedback anyway (according to the evolutionary approach - inability to control yourself weakens your chances of survival), not necessarily at the Final Judgment. ED itself is a great teacher of chastity, though I reckon it to be only a minor issue in the whole game and certainly not the main reason to quit PMO as such. The actual reason lies much deeper, in the very ability of establishing durable and valuable human relationships so necessary for mental stability in general. The contemporary popular culture that the young masses are subjected to certainly stands against those ideals. Pornography is only one of the problems.
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    For once, I generally agree with you. I will add that, from a Christian point of view, we Christians are often told to simply "live and let live" because, essentially, everyone gets what's coming to them in the end. The two problems I have with this are as follows: first, I don't relish the idea of anyone having a "bad ending" to their existence no matter who they are (I may dislike some people, but that's just cruel vengeance); and second, I don't think for a moment that the only consequences in this life occur in the next, but rather that there are real-time consequences in life for our conduct, and these consequences can be far-reaching.

    My two ISK.
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    Well said, thank you.

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