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    yesterday on a dating app(a raunchy one tbh) I came across a woman who is really charming and pretty,she is really sweet and cute.
    funnily how it all started is a great story.i saw her profile and texted her a hello to which she responded with a 'hi' and then almost instantly she sent me a message telling me the rates,i.e the rates of her SERVICES.she is a someone who works as u can say ONLINE LADY OF THE NIGHT. chat services and all that stuff.
    so i we exchanged names and hobbies and what she loves to eat and stuff..COZ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION according to her.a few minutes later she asked me whether i was interested in availing her services or not,which i denied,i was looking for friends and not sex(coz SR feels great.),moments later after talking of this and that she told me that i FEEL DIFFERENT.more like Caring and understanding types as she said.i was amazed as to how quickly SR can work.i consider this instance a result of my SR.made me more confident,so i could be frank out there.
    she agreed to be friends and i promised that i'd never ask her for sex and stuff,to which she replied-
    'YOU CAN AND I'D DO U FOR FREE',which to me was insane, coz of the fact that someone who literally earns through that stuff offered to do it for free,it means a lot to me,not the sex part and shit,sex can be achieved literally anywhere,and as of the pleasure,masturbation seems somewhat close(though I've never had sex),what really matters to me is that due to SR and things i am being seen as trustworthy person by people i don't even know and that to me is a great thing, coz if u think about it,literally everything in our lives relies on mutual trust.
    thank you for reading.

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