From dream to disillusion

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    Hello everybody,

    I am new to community but old to the problem. I first created the account in 2014, but have never really started to battle this problem till now. I am 24 and am masturbating since I was 13. I remember it started at the seaside, when I discovered some naked pictures and figured out how to please myself. I always felt disappointed after doing it, but have different attitudes towards it over time. I always knew it is bad for me and had only a short time in high-school, when I tried to convince myself that it is ok and healthy. After all this time I fell and finally admit to myself, that I can not live happily with it, and that I should overcome it. I know, that there is a battle ahead of me.
    Will I be calm walking or will I in my mind abuse every woman on the street?
    Will I be faithful to my woman or betray her every single day?
    Will I be faithful to my dreams or will I sell myself to addiction and depression?
    Will I be moderate with food or be food greedy?
    Will I read some good books or watch cheap action movies every night?
    Will I try to work out and overcome my injury or be partly disabled for the rest of my life?
    As you can see, the porn in only one of my fights to become a real man, because at this moment I am more kind of a kid than I guy, that can gives something back to the society. I am starting this challenge at the last possible point, because my girlfriend gave me the last opportunity to sober up.
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    Welcome to the community. Though you have a very good reason (gf's ultimatum), there is a bigger one - your responsibility to your own self! Good luck... and don't think too hard... things will be better with time, practice and experience.

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