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  1. I just don't know how to relate to women in there early 30's I am 39, I have never even had a girl friend with out sex that was around my age! I don't know what to do. I am not saying I want s with them I just really do not know how to relate at all!!
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    All I can say is try to talk to as many women as you can in your life and make as many female friends as you can. You can start small with little conservations and work your way up from there.
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    Get yourself into situations that make talking to people more likely. Make a habit of it bro!
  4. Just be yourself. I feel like you probably over analyse it all. "What should I say?" "How will she perceive me?" Don't think, just do it. Stop thinking about their opinion of you. You want a woman to see you as you are, not a made up version of yourself. You just open your mouth and talk about anything. There are no rule books. Don't put women on some pedestal. Be yourself and be natural. They are humans too just like you and I. Talk to them as you would your family or other males. It's honestly as simple as that. It is our own distorted way of seeing women is what makes it unnecessarily complex.
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    Usualy when I feel anxious about something I just make fun of it. For example when I prepare for some kind of public speaking I always add shit loads of jokes which helps to relax both sides.
    Of course its easier for me since I'm 22 and being silly isn't that unusual at my age but I bet few smart and mature jokes would help a lot to ease tens.
    Good luck. :)
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