From the First Presidency: Protecting Children from the Effects of Pornography

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  1. Hey Brothers and Sisters,
    This letter (Jan 29, 2020) from the First Presidency invites parents, "to have family discussions to develop guidelines about how to use media and technology in positive and safe ways." I know over the years when I've been guilty of using porn I have felt like the biggest hypocrite. So much so that I have avoided having family discussions about porn. I have felt guilty for doing this AND strongly believe I have lost perfect opportunities to teach, guide and warn my children about, not only porn, but many other things that Satan is using in this modern era to thwart Heavenly Father's plan of happiness.

    My questions to you are how have you taught your children about porn?
    What have you implemented in your family/home to protect children/the family from porn?
    And what's worked and what's not worked for you?

    I see replaces and represents a new way of talking about pornography and addresses the particular needs of parents and spouses of pornography users.

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  2. vxlccm

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    Mostly: no private access to the Internet.
    Also: constructive training about what we use it for.
    We try for no failures in protection until they are teenagers 14+ and start slackening the reins a little, but not much, so they're not raised in a bubble.
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    Yes, raising them in a bubble can cause more harm than good in the long run. Because when they are inevitably exposed to this stuff in their adulthood, it'll bind them down more than if they were already taught how to handle this stuff when younger.
    Plus these days, it's not realistic to raise kids without the internet. Otherwise, they'd be at a huge social disadvantage, plus work related one too, as most jobs require some degree of computer knowledge.

    The most effective tool for teaching the children to do well is to teach them and to warn them. You'll be surprised at what kids will never instinctively do when they understand the consequences of those actions.
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