Frustrated and angry : can't get erection when I'm standing up

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    got my first p shot yesterday and the doctor is throwing in two free gainswave treatments. So I already got one gainswave and one p shot done. Going back in a month for the next set of treatments. I heard that within 3-4 weeks most people see results. Hopefully that’s the case with me. The doctor injected the p shot into a real small area of scar tissue he said I had (I have a small curvature right under the head when I’m erect). Didn’t expect it to hurt since most people experience no pain but my pain was like a 9 out of 10. He said that since it went into scar tissue the pain would be more severe but that only lasted about 2 minutes.
    Also was wondering if you used a pump so you could get the full effect of the treatments? I’ve had one for a while but I don’t know if I have a good method. what I usually do is pump about 4 times, rest 15 seconds, pump again and repeat that process until I’m fully erect and then let that sit for about a minute. I’ll release the air and start over and repeat two more times. should I let the pump hold the full erection for longer?

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