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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by BigCheese, Jan 29, 2017.

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    I was at 65 days and I relapsed :(

    I guess it snuck on me, I think if I share my experience it might help some people from going through the same thing

    First few weeks were fine, I cut down on weed to so things were looking good

    Then I developed a casual relationship with this girl, and we would smoke weed before we did it so I guess I used weed as a sub for the dope rush that I didn't have anymore

    Smoking turned into an everyday thing, and I started having sex almost every day too

    One day I was high in my bed with the chaser affect and I masturbated.

    I brushed it off, and last night I came back from the club drunk and I MO'd twice.
    I feel so dumb for ruining such a good streak
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    It sounds like you have a lot to sort out, not just masturbation, but relationships and drug use. The way you described it, you make it sound like one thing led to another. Circumstances controlled you, instead of you being in control of yourself.

    Hard mode is a good foundation for establishing other healthy boundaries in life. Get over feeling sorry. Get back on the horse. You can do it.
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