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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by ResetButton, Jul 29, 2022.

  1. ResetButton

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    Random question: What are your natural inherited talents/interests? If you can pick any passion to follow for money in an ideal world what would you gravitate towards? My natural proclivities are Art creating, Gardening, Fitness, Creative writing, and Reading. If I could pick any job to fall in love with it would be either being a Botanist, freelance artist or writing a book. What are your natural hobbies and interests? I'm curious about what the community thinks about. Put your comments down below!
  2. RogerFM

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    I'm not sure it would be a natural ability, but if I had the chance to learn from scratch and support myself I would like be a carpenter. Or any other hands on job that creates something.
  3. I'd continue doing what I'm doing now- learning a foreign language, practicing the piano, and reading books so I can write my own one day.
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  4. TakingTheSteps

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    I think the two things I'm pretty naturally gifted at, and also greatly enjoy doing, are writing and singing.

    I've actually fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming an author (I've got five books out, and working on a sixth right now). I haven't ever done anything professionally with singing, but I used to sing on the worship team at my church, and I've participated in a few talent shows. I actually won first place in one once, when I was a kid. ^_^ I've also won a few writing contests as well, which is exciting, but not quite as exciting as winning a talent show for some reason. Lol
  5. bertieboy

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    I don't have any talents apart from a talent for jacking off, I'm an expert at that, so I would just like to be rich so I don't have to work. But, perhaps not, thinking about it, that would give me more time and money to watch live sex webcams and spend unlimited amounts of money on them which has been my downfall and brought me to NoFap. Thinking again though I would use some of the wealth to set up something to help guys addicted to porn and masturbation and have a big campaign to publicise the dangers of porn and how easy it is to become addicted.
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  6. desmond318

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    Spirituality, TCM, martial arts (especially kung-fu) and ninjutsu.

    I am naturally good at Maths and computer programming (or other computer-related stuff), but I tend to be more interested in ancient arts and wisdoms. :)
  7. Cirilla

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    I’m really fucking good at type design. Thank the Lord it’s my day job lol
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  8. DevilMayFry

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    I believe I am naturally gifted athletically, as well as having strong wit. I've always found those very easy and ahead of others in those areas, without training. I'd gravitate towards playing a sport professionally. Mainly football.
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  9. Swift Escape

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    I seem to have freakishly good luck, I can't really account for it.
  10. keyfekeder

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    I would love to be a guitar virtuoso who can also sing but im too impatient and aware of that i can never change this cringy voice i have
  11. gonna be like that guy in the godfather coda lol
  12. Mr. Monk

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    I love gardening, I've never made it big in music but would like to at least make something of myself in this hobby and world for people. It's been very difficult and my brain is in such a fog right now...

    I want to save a style that producer's aren't making allot of these day's and corrupting the way it is.
  13. Joseph Campbell

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    @ResetButton Dang, I can relate to you a thousand percent. I'm currently trying to go back to school for a biology degree, so as to work for a botanist or wildlife biologist. But I also love writing. The reason I dropped out of college almost a decade ago was because I had this idea that I could be this synthesis of Chuck Bukowski and Hunter S. Thompson, travelling the world like a feather on the clyde doing neat things, writing great works, and I did live all over- from Maine to Washington State- however... I'm not those geniuses, and what started as this brilliant notion devolved into basically being a curmodgeony seasonal worker, pornhub and netflix addict, and functioning alcoholic........

    So I've taken a different approach! I still have the pipe dream, but I'm approaching it with structure now, getting clean of shite habits, and hoping to eventually work with the agriculture sub-section of the peace corps. I'm also taking writing classes on the side, and through the stability of ecological work and continued practice of the written word, I might by 30 or 40 have something worth publishing and sharing with the world.
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