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  1. Pros
    • active - 50k threads started in 2018, 200k registered users (even though only a fraction is active)
    • moderation - quick and stern sanitation (perhaps a bit too stern) of user content
    • forum features - alert system, polls, emojis
    • "social media" features - personal wall, likes, user following/ignoring
    • resilient to third party attempts to take it down
    • registered trademark - smart move
    • maintenance costs - there's not enough dinero to keep the web running, Alex tells us
    • mobile support - responsive design is ok but nothing can beat a native app
    • weak chat - the messaging system is essentially a thread for two people
    • weak "gamification" - events and challenges are simple forum threads, trophy points is a bland achievement system, academy is - no offence - a generic self-help program which smells of scam
    • spammers - an unsolved problem which might explode in the future
    Pros are a result of many man-hours of nofappers and you guys deserve praise for that. Good job.

    Con #1 has to be dealt with (obviously). Solving cons #2, 3, 4 is nice-to-have and not needed to keep the status quo. But I'd go as far as to say that it's necessary to solve them in order to grow.

    Implementing those features in-house would be very expensive. One cheap solution would be to exist solely as a community on Reddit and potentially Discord. One even more expensive solution would be to build a general addiction recovery platform with self-governed communities of porn addicts, Internet addicts, alcoholics and smokers.
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  2. resilient to third party attempts to take it down
    (my favorite part)
  3. Why the hell do you keep getting temporarily suspended and then be able to post comments in between LOL
  4. Really, how does that work lol
  5. Not bad. Had a similar evaluation before i came back last year. But still chose too. Not much help, for some, other the constant support of words and text with some guidelines on what others did. But too me that made me reach far. So its a lot.

    I_AM_AWESOME Fapstronaut

    Are these user evaluations based on guesses or is this factual data?

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