Gaining a Greater Self-Understanding & Awareness

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Contentful T, Sep 3, 2018.

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    In other words getting to know the roots of our problems and becoming mindful enough to begin fixing them.

    I mean it is easy to say if only I had X amount of willpower/self-discipline I would never act out again.

    The issue is emotional and psychological in many cases so the key will actually be developing enough understanding to uproot it. If you don't understand no amount of willpower will help you as your will will be directed in the wrong direction.

    Please discuss things related to developing a greater understanding of our own minds in this thread and how to increase our awareness in general (self-awareness/mindfulness).
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    Reading a book on cognitive behavioral therapy, "Visual CBT" [link].
    Helpful so far. Illustrations get straight to the point.
    Provides 2 ways to change your emotional state: general change or philosophical change.
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    Carl Rogers 'On becoming a person' is helpful to me.

    5-whys-technique is also helpful, with an action or feeling ask yourself 5 whys about that.
    for example: Why do i do this? Why do i feel that? Why does this make me respond in that way?...
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    How about Mr. Rogers?


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