gambling is also a demon a deal with sometimes...

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  1. I think I have won this battle the one about gambling I honestly hate gambling I do hate it so bad but last night after being without gambling for more than a year I gave in... I said to myself I am just going to gamble just a little just to have a little fun well I ended up losing all my paycheck for this particular week so one week paid check that's how much I lost now I need to borrow money next week just to cover all my expenses but its ok.. I just don't want to go back to that stupid place I hate casinos and all their stupid games .. just wanted to share my story about my other demon ... at least this demon has been locked up for about a year and to be honest I don't even have the urges to play anymore I don't even have to fight it all its gone its history I declared war on this addiction about 2 years ago and finally I can say that I am out of it thanks god now my only biggest demon is porn but I m getting there ... I don't want to feel like a loser all my life once I defeat this addiction my self steam is going to be up up well I don't want feel like a loser I am not a loser I can do this and I am doing it... I am a winner somebody with dreams and goals and I am not letting any bad addiction control my life .
    I want to have a good job I want to have a family a wife kids friends and be happy ... right now I have a job already and this job is not such a bad job .. I think I am winning the battle about porn ... I am working on my dating and whenever I have a chance I try to meet new people and socialize with people so I am working on my dreams I refuse to feel like a loser
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    Dude - i gave up gambling years ago. Its tough.

    Dont treat your slip as a spiral. you have the core skills to deal with addictions already it seems so focus on that. focus on your future.

    You got this
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    Be grateful you noticed it in one day. Hopefully, it should help you stay away at least for another year.
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    This is how I aim to view moving on from porn. If after a year of no porn I were to give in I'd like to be able to view the experience as a firming of resolve. Not to be down because of the slip but to have the feeling that I am not to be there, turn around and then walk away.
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    To anyone: Never ever gamble (if you haven't already). Those that are addicted... swallow your pride and quit. Doesn't matter how much you've lost so far, never ever gamble again. And treat it as money well spent in the form of a life lesson, no need to chase your losses. Laugh your losses off and laugh at gambling by deleting it from your life. If the thought of gambling comes into your head think/say to yourself - "I'm not going to waste my time doing that garbage" and laugh at gambling..
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    gamble is online cancer. It takes your health...that is why I deleted my account at VideoSlots. I am done. I lost 10k $ in 2017...and I want to start new life in 2018...without addiction.
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    I'm done with my gambling addiction! Such type of games is very addictive in fact but, if you play only for fun, there's usually a rather low risk for loosing selfcontrol and it's a completely different situation if money if your main goal and you check the uk casinos review, because I have done it. And now I understand, it was an addiction! I also think that it's really stupid to believe that it's a right way for making big money because it's such a random thing for this, besides such games are always made for making money from you, not for making various strangers rich. And if you hate loosing and feel that your control weakens, that you really should stop... Personally I know so many stories about people who lost almost everything because of their addcition to gambling.
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    I forgot about the online casinos once and for all. Because it did not bring anything good in my life. I also deleted my account and hope that I will never depend on anything else.
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    I also had the habit of gambling, mainly shifted to online poker later on. Its such a sick game.. even when you make top notch decisions, some crazy cards fall.. and you lose it all...
    I have come to learn it can be a hazard to health (so much stress, energy consumption), and a hazard to finances. Money should be a means, not and end, and it is not something to play around with i have learned the hard way.
    GL dude, if you are looking for entertainment, then it may be safer & wiser to play a nice video game or something.
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    Tnks, great info!
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    The generally accepted stereotype of the unique dangers of gambling is deeply erroneous. A moderate degree of involvement in gambling pastimes gives significant benefits, which is manifested both on the physical and psychological levels. Participation in the game process gives training to the mind, stress tolerance, memory, develops innovative thinking. Dosed controlled stress from participating in an online casino causes an adrenaline rush, gives life joy and pleasure.

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