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    So I have no job as I've just left school and have been looking for a job. I put $10 into a casino site and made 280$ on slots and then put that $280 into Roulette and made $1600. I then blew it on $500 wagers. Now I'm broke and I need that money for a car and I was so happy when I made that money, as I've been broke for ages. I feel like such a dumb ass and honestly I blame it on my porn induced brainfog, I believe If I was on like a month streak and felt good, I'd be able to rreact differently to the situation
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    Gambling can work the same way. The reward center in the brain becomes activated when you win a wager, it just makes you want to play more and more until you eventually lose everything trying to get that winning feeling back. It's why I'm glad I don't live in Vegas, I'd probably lose everything in a matter of days :rolleyes:

    Don't worry about it, my friend. It happens to many, many people. Take the lessons from this experience and move forward. The worst thing you can do is to keep putting more and more money into your account trying to get that winning feeling back. Have a blessed day :)
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    That's what I was looking for! I'm fond of gambling and betting. Recently I started playing at to imporove my gaming skills and I won my first cash prize recently. That's so exciting! I want to become a pro player one day.
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    I think the best strategy is just "buy and hold", but it's not so easy to do. Personally, I use some cryptocurrency for gambling, I read about Cryptocurrencies for Gambling a few months ago and since that time I've been trying my luck in the hope to get more BTC on my wallet. Hope it will not be in vain.
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  5. The thing is to not chase losses in gambling leave it alone, and quit gambling .EVERYBODY ALWAYS thinks they can get the money back , but when they keep gambling they end up deeper in debt then they would have if they walked away and chalked it up to a stupid couple of hours. Like anything it takes discipline .

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