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    Hey all
    So I’m thinking of getting a gaming laptop.
    What games do ppl enjoy and would recommend me getting?
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    Depends on what games you play. I'm quite happy with Acer Nitro 5.
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  3. LB really enjoyed Outer Worlds. Very similar to the Fallout games but so so much better.
  4. If you want to start a new healthy habit to fill the void left by freeing yourself from the PMO, I would definitely not recommend gaming.

    Don't get me wrong - I am not saying that all games are bad. Just be careful with it ;) Online and competitive games can become very frustrating and, therefore, can easily lead to PMO.
  5. Gaming is equal to pmo. You are healthier if you become a pornstar rather than switching from porn to games
  6. Hey, this thread isn't about people's thoughts on whether gaming is good or not. It's about recommendations for OP about games to play. Please save the "video gaming: good or bad?" discussion for another thread.
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    Please you can't say Outer Worlds is better than New Vegas...maybe than Fallout 3. But New Vegas is much better, even it exit at 50% of his power due to the cutted contents = limited production time.
  8. You are right. LB should have clarified: new Fallout games. Meaning Fallout 4 and 76. New Vegas is a classic... but the games just got kinda bad after that. Interestingly Obdisian Entertainment which did New Vegas also created Outer Worlds, so LB thinks this is part of the reason why Outer Worlds is so good: because they went back to their New Vegas formula and just made a new game out of it.
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    Yes Fallout 4 still have potentiality, I just immagine a ttw (the mod that implement fallout 3 in fallout new vegas and let you play both like if it a single game) version for fallout 4, since they are working on both the remakes of F3 and FNV (release in 20[??]). Fallout 4 is kinda bad but atleas it added the new companions relationship development and the settlement system that honestly is so funny. Some mod can make Fallout 4 a bit better (Subversion for example, since the other mod that change the history is too pornographic), but we are still far. I don't want to argue about Fallout 76, the only thing i can say is that they wasted precious energies in doing that game that could be moved to starting working on the next TES and Fallout (not Scamfield of course, i'll not buy it till i don't see at less than 40 euros and i don't have hype on it, i also think Scamfield is a waste of energies that could have ben used to the new TES and Fallout, since the last TES exit in 2011 and we don't know when we will damnly see the new one).

    Sorry but read you speak in third person just remind me about the hanar specie from Mass Effect haha old good times
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