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    I have been struggling about the debate if should or should not masturbate while rebooting. A lot of people in this forum believe that masturbation is inherenly bad and you should quit for life. Others believe that is it best to take a time out from masturbation while your brain heals from the porn adiction, usually 90 days then you can masturbate normally (without porn of course). There another group wich i include myself that believe that the real problem is porn, porn substitute and fantasize about it so you can masturbate in a healthy way without compromising your reebot process.

    I want to share an interview with Gary Wilson, the author of the book called yourbrainonporn, where he talks about masturbation in the rebooting process.

    "Some men, especially men who didint grow up using internet porn, they continue to masturbate and eyaculate and they heal just fine. They are just not masturbating to porn or thinking about porn.

    Then he talks about the gaps of 90 days than some people consider beneficial and give the following example:

    "If you go to REDDIT NoFap you will see some people say i made 90 days and its not a big deal. Lets look at another who is gone a year and he is masturbating maybe twice a month, he never makes 30 days but that year without masturbating to porn is what heal them. Dont get caught up in the days of not masturbating.

    "The goal is to untrain your brain to beign aroused to fake stimuli and getting yourself aroused to real stimuli and that may include a time to masturbate to your imagination just like some of your ancestor.

    Here is the link to the interview so u can have a better look. Sorry for my english but it is not my primary language.

    For those who think that their opinion is above Gary Wilson (He is like the reason this forum exist and the no porn movement started) and masturbation is inherently bad, i wish u good luck my friends.

    Finally, and personally, i strongly recomend if you started porn when your where just a kid, maybe masturbation will be imposible without activating the old porn pathways in your brain. A 90 days gap should be a wise desition. Anyway you should know that you will eventually masturbate in a healthy way, as Gary calls it "just like some of your ancestors"


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