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    Stumbled upon this thread (describes very well where I am in my journey) and want to try out something similar, if you are interested, reach out:

    "Hey, I'm 27 and have spent many many years trying to get rid of this addiction. I've accumulated a lot of knowledge but still the porn and addictive sexual habits keep popping up (I keep falling into patterns of edging). I'll be doing really well and then I'll have a weak moment and fall straight back into old behaviors.

    I've found that what helps the most is consistent connection with close friends. That way, you learn to laugh away the power and the shame that porn and compulsive sex used to have over you and by believing in the power of your connection over your demons, you build each other up and build faith and confidence in yourselves as the days without porn and masturbation rack up. You start to look forward to the phone conversations more than you would look forward to isolating with porn and masturbation.

    I believe that one of my longest streaks was so successful because I was talking on the phone to a nofap buddy pretty much every single day. We hit it off, and I understand that connection can be pretty rare, but it stood out to me, definitely."
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