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  1. Hey folks,

    Just posting to ask if anyone here has had any experience with Karezza between two guys. I understand that Karezza (slow, gentle, habitual, nonorgasmic, spiritual intimacy between partners) is such a niche subject already, so to find information for gay men is even harder. Even harder still for those like myself who don't have penetrative sex and prefer frot instead.

    But I figure it's worth a shot, since I could really use some information on techniques, and I've been pretty set on the idea of finding a partner for habitual Karezza intimacy when I come out of this hardmode streak.

    It'd be interesting to hear about anyone's experience, particularly since most content concerning Karezza and nonorgasmic tantra and taoist lovemaking describes energy poles between men and women, and the movement of energy between heterosexual partners- I wonder what experience people have had when it's two men with energy poles in the same place. It'd also just be interesting in general to hear about men with male partners who are both focused on retention together and slowing down their lovemaking in order to connect on a higher and more spiritual level.
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    Karezza is not something I'd ever thought about or even heard about before starting NoFap, and I think it's so alien from what we're taught as young people - that the ejaculation is the goal and the end point, the grand finale.

    However, doing NoFap I've been thinking about what I'll do after my 90 days PMO-free - do I want to ejaculate again? I'm not sure... it's an unknown, and I'd definitely try out Karezza as an option.

    I wonder if it's possible to explore Karezza yourself while allowing your partner to ejaculate? That way you could explain that you're trying something out and then ease the other person into it if they're interested? Tricky tricky...
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  3. Tricky tricky indeed! It's a good thought and definitely something I've tried before, to try to attempt Karezza while the other person ejaculates, but unfortunately, as you probably know, Karezza is a lot more complicated than simply sex without orgasm. As you might know, it's a whole different vibe and the energy is a lot more about soothing your partner than trying to turn them on. Plus there's so much eye gazing and I've read in some places that the aim is to get to a state where you're so relaxed that you're almost about to fall asleep. So, it's very different from conventional sex and definitely something that has to be mutual and communicated about beforehand in order to experience the benefits from.

    I dream and fantasize about this possibility of mutual Karezza done habitually with a partner, both of us refraining from jacking off and saving all of our sexual energy for each other, constantly connecting in this way and circling the energy throughout ourselves so that we never feel drained and we stay deeply connected, full of love and desire for each other forever.

    Man, what a thought.
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    I totally agree with you man. Id like that too.
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  5. I don't think I could do that eight that intensity without cumming.
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  6. I'd like to post here one description I found from a man who seems to have experienced nonorgasmic tantric frot. I found this while scouring the internet for information on nonorgasmic tantric frot (Karezza but nonpenetrative, aka outercourse):

    "There is a higher form of frot that is rarely discussed: tantric frot.

    Tantric frot allows two men to be in an spiritual state where the mind and heart are continuously experiencing orgasmic-like conditions for literally hours, but the body doesn not ejaculate, but continues on and gains energy without releasing it with an ejaculation. The two men literally become full of energy that they have shared between their bodies, so much so that they actually radiate love and their bodies actually undergo emotional and physical healing.

    During tantric frot, ejaculation and orgasm are not the intended end state, but rather sharing sexual energy and love between the partners and truly getting to know each other in a spiritual way. Men may actually cross into such a state without realizing that is what is happening, but there are conscious and practical ways of entering into tantric frot state."

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    I would like to find a partner interested in this too.
  8. I thought frotting was a kind of mutual masturbation
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  9. Would love to try this someday
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  10. I started this thread back in 2018 with an account that I eventually deleted- I was keeping up a momentum of removing accounts and apps that gave me notifications, and as I continued on with an increasingly NOSURF (avoiding mindless screen stimulation) lifestyle, it seemed wise to part ways at the time.

    I'm back again because I'm still convinced of the excellence of a karezza lifestyle between two committed male partners for life, and it was this community in particular where I found a deep understanding of the rightness of this nonorgasmic bonded lifestyle, for both personal health/mindset and also relationship-enhancing benefits, and I'd like to hear more from those who have accomplished this style of relationship.
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    Did you ever try Karezza with another guy? Does it actually work? I feel like I've been looking for answers for years haha

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