Gay Marriage Legalized Nationwide by U.S. Supreme Court

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  1. I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN CRYING FOR THE PAST 4H!!!! I may be Catholic and I stand my values and I as bisexual as I am myself do not wish to marry someone the same sex for religious reasons, but I have no right to judge, and I'm just melting of happiness, this is so progressive. NOW TO TRANS RIGHTS!!!!!

    I'm so happy, I love you all, this is the best news. Love is love, period.
  2. That's what is cool about NoFap. Although I disagree with you on certain issues, we can come together as friends and allies to recover from pornography.
  3. Caveat Emptor

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    I very much approve and feel proud to be an American today. :)
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    Wow, I never thought this would happen. I agree @giggleshmack
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  6. Regardless of the impact of this on my own rights and opinions or whatever, I have so many friends online and in real life for whom it changes so much. In 2013 I almost marched with my family to protest in France. I'm glad I've came to realise how flawed my understanding of my faith was and I'm still unlearning every day. I know several people for whom it's an extreme victory and my love and second-hand joy for them is extreme right now. As a Catholic I believe in marriage and as a bisexual I am delighted for my non-Catholic friends to be able to share my beliefs and values of the importance of marriage regardless of their religion or sexuality. It's a really super big thing precisely because marriage is sacred. I don't understand why marrying someone drunk in Las Vegas would give you more rights as a heterosexual marriage than two same sex persons with stronger love and intense preparation and understanding. Screw my faith, love is love and it's what I believe in. Congratulations America, progress is in march. I desire to live in the USA one day. If I happen to birth a child gay or lesbian or pansexual or bisexual or anything this marvellous God's creation will be. And if it happens that despite me presenting him my Catholic faith, my culture and values, they don't share it, and they wish to marry their significant other this way as a respect of marriage, which is precisely what I share. Then I will be delighted for my child to be able to get as much rights as I did. I'm not God. Respect is mutual and I refuse to commit the same mistakes than my parents. I refuse to judge. This equality is a basic human right. I'm savouring the celebration.
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    Canadians got on this train a decade ago!! Way to Go USA for joining us :D
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    I would like to commend you for having the courage to express your opinion. It may not seem like a big deal, but it took bravery to honestly say how you felt about this, obviously being in the minority. I agree with you with on all accounts, although I'm not Catholic, I still agree with the Catholic view of such a topic.

    That being said, all people deserve peace and happiness and the freedom to live how they choose and be accepted and respected regardless of government and law. Does that mean I condone someone else's personal choices? Not at all. But then those choices are not mine to condone.

    May all be well and happy.

    I tend not to follow the news or politics or anything closely related to government so this is nice catching a headline here!
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    Well done America! While my country got there a bit earlier your example is much more visible to the rest of the world.
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    This in only the beginning..
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  11. ProphetOfDoom

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    ...of the end. One step the end.
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    Disgusting. But whatever, marriage was broken before and it is now.
  13. Dark days we are living in, and getting darker by the minute.
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    My opinion to this topic is - Satan triumpfed in America.and this shame was done mostly by Christians. They voted for this and they signet it. Christians who don't listen to God because many times is said in the Bible that this is a great sin. Have you America forgotten the story about Sodoma and Gomora? This is your faith /fate
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  15. Jesus Christ. Some of the posts on this thread are really fucking ignorant. The fact that gay marriage HASN'T been legalized until just now is offensive to me. I'm not some guy that parades around in support of gays having equal rights. But in 2015 it shouldn't matter what your religion, sexual orientation, or race is. If you feel connected to someone, you should be able to marry them.

    A man is a man. And what he does in his private life should have no bearing on how you treat him professionally. A gay man may very well save your life on the field of battle or in the ER. How dumb are you going to feel knowing that you're trying to deprive a civil liberty to that same man simply because of your hypocritical religion. A religion that stresses tolerance and love and peace (except, of course, when it's between two men)

    I think marriage is a crock of shit to begin with, though. It's basically saying a woman is entitled to half of my assets for doing nothing. We are financially bound because the law says so. It's stupid and people don't think it out for the long-term (which is why the divorce rate is 50 percent in this country).
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    Actually no, Americans didn't vote for this. It decided 5-4 in the national courthouse, which is part of what makes it controversial, from a legs standpoint. The 4 opposition judges said this should really be decided individually by states, ideally by popular vote.
    Yes, Americans have voted in smaller municipalities, states mainly, but there has never been a national vote, and now likely there never will be, unless it's a vote on a Constitutional Amendment reversing this decision.
  17. We are all entitled to our opinions. I need to think more deeply about the forum rules for the future. As long as we're not personally attacking each other or a group of people (in this case, LGBTQ), it seems fine to express your political opinions. But let's err on the side of being very specific about what you disagree with so that it can't be interpreted as "non-heterosexual people are xyz" or something of that nature, which does violate the rules of NoFap.

    We are a community of people of all genders, beliefs, orientations, etc, so it is important to be respectful and support each other.
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    Or YOU are entitled to half of HER assets for doing nothing. Thought I'd clear that up for ya ;)
    Not sure why anyone would want to support someone doing nothing but whatevs.

    Also marriage affords people rights above and beyond $$. Visitation in hospitals, the right to not have to be a witness against your SO in court, deciding life and death circumstances in a medical situation etc.
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  19. ....but I think pornography is irrelevant, gosh I need to move on from and get off this mis-named site...

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