gay nofap users?

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    I don't like posting a separate topic because I'm gay but the vast majority of posts are from straight guys so it would be cool to see if gay people use the forum too.

    I'm a 27 year old guy who watches porn regularly but I have no real sex life, body issues and don't do well with guys. I feel like watching porn all the time is holding me back so wanted to try this and hopefully improve things.
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    Not gay, but I'm sure your issues will be the same as the rest of us.

    The part you said that resonates with me is this "I have no real sex life".

    Same here.

    What do we have in common? Porn. Not sure if that's the reason or a symptom.
  3. Hi Treeman272,

    Although I have never been attracted to a man in real life, I do have a lot of 'gay' experiences in masturbation practices and enjoy Gay and Transexual Porn quite a bit. I would be happy to connect with you and help you with your recovery. I guess I would call myself 'Bi'

    A quick overview:
    Growing up I was always exploring new ways to get aroused, even from an early age.
    Most of my gay experience revolve around masturbation: Most notabile - Being aroused by sight, smell, and taste of my own penis and cum/precum and the amazing feeling I get when I masturbate. I also tend to edge for hours when I look at any porn and build up a huge orgasm

    Went through a phase of exploring anal sex - mostly insertions of various sizes from kitchen appliances and fruit/food to a huge double headed dildo, I found when I was babysitting - Probably around 12-13 years old. Hadn't thought about doing recently until I started to quit porn and found myself exploring again.

    A span of about 5 years where I would perform auto-fellatio almost daily. I have always been flexible and became quite skilled at pleasuring myself. I enjoyed posting small video clips of this as well to the net. Got a bit out of control, when I was at the Y in the sauna and the lights were broken. I was by myself and started to self suck. About to cum and the manager came around the corner (there was a small window in door). I popped my head up just in time to not be caught. I came right after he checked to see if I was OK that light was out. I remember that very vividly and fantasize about it to this day. In order to practice getting deeper, I would practice deep throating a banana while I was in my car, and no one was watching. Same situation here - fantasizing about starting again since quitting porn.

    As far as Gay Porn, I was in the habit of posting animated gifs of myself masturbating and cumming online. When I started it was in general sex threads and I thought it would impress the ladies. As I did it more often (sometimes multiple times a day) I started to get lots of compliments from guys. They started re-posting on site and eventually Gay sites. Finding that someone posted your content on another website is the biggest Dopamine rush on the planet. I would use keyword searches in Google Image to see if I could find copies posted elsewhere. I would sometimes spend days looking through various gaysites to build up my collection. I would be masturbating the whole times and found I really enjoyed gay porn too. Mostly cumshots, erections, and oral sex, rarely with faces shown.

    Hopefully you are comfortable here. It is a very inclusive community. I will be around to track your progress.
  4. treeman272

    treeman272 New Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the replies, it's true that straight or gay a lot of people have the same issues I will check the group out.
  5. Not gay but addicted to gay porn

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