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  1. I heard someone say this in a previous post and I thought it made sense. "Men are wired to have sex with a woman not watch other men have sex with women." It's not natural to look at all types of sexual images. The human brain never forgets what it sees so porn or exposure to sexual images can have a warping effect. Presexualization and young children being exposed to porn and sexual situations is said to have a similar effect.

    When I was about to PMO and was looking for videos, probably passed or skimmed through a hundred thumbnails each time. I only looked for straight porn but During that time I'm seeing all types of images of dicks and balls. I've never had any gay inclinations and when I first started PMO, I would recoil in shock and horror if I saw anyting remotely gay. The reason I decided to lay off porn because I realized these images were becoming normalized to my brain and I felt that couldn't be healthy.

    This is why I and many people believe that many Gays arent born gay. If exposed to enough gay sexual material a straight person can develop gay inclinations and this is evident with the HOCD and sissy hipno threads.

    My aunt is a Psychologist and her best friend is a gay male. She explained that she loves this guy to death but she's never introduced or brought him around her son until he was in is 20s. She made it a point to ensure this never happened because in her professional opinion, straight young males can be sexually impressionalbe. If straight males are impressionable then I don't see why gay males wouldn't be impressionable the opposite way either. I don't believe in all this new gender psudo science but concept of gender fluidity may be based on some kind of truth. Think about the guys doing life in prison.
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    Interesting points . I was exposed to images of men from a very young age and never thought I was gay as was happy with a girl. Then one day we met a gay guy and I became friends with him and those images resurfaced in my mind and due to his obvious interest in me I decided to explore . The first time anything sexual happened between us I pushed him away as was disgusted but over time I ended up being with him . So In my circumstances I do believe they porn etc I learned how to be homosexual .
    I don’t agree that’s the same for all homosexuals and do believe a lot are born that way and never think of trying to alter their sexuality but the there will be a large percentage of us that learned to be this way
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    Stop falling for the trap of internalised homophobia.

    If your true sexuality was heterosexual (or bi-sexual) you'd know. Yes you can get confused but not to the point that you're having sex with other Men (which I'm assuming you have)
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    This Gay Convention Therapies can do allot of damage. I know someone , who tried it. He thought, he was "healed", got married to a Women and got Children.... I meet him on a Gay dating i looked for more Informationes: I find many many Cases of Gay Men wanting to cure there Gayness, starting Heterosexual Life, Marriage to a Woman, Children...just to find out, that the cant stop or cure there Homosexuality. Then they life whit Shame, Lying, betraying there Wifes .What happens, if they finaly come out? What happens to there Wifes? Those women get used to cover up the Homosexuality of a gay Men. You can imagin, how much pain that brings, how many wasted Dreams, broken Hearts, lost Chances...cant be the Will of any God in my Opinion.
    I just can speak about, what i know. I dont know one singel Gay Man, who was cured from Homosexuality. If you know one, ask him in 2 Years, if he still is cured.
    I know many Gay Guys, who where married, have raised Children, and came out afterwards.
    So i can tell: A Gay Men can have a Wife, raise Children and still stays Gay.
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