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  1. Okay so first off I want to say that my experience with Nofap has been very positive and constructive all around. I just want to thank everyone for doing an awesome job supporting each other and giving helpful advice and for being equally willing to ask for help. Experience seems to flow freely around here. Denk yu fer yur.. fer yur cuhradje.

    And now the post...

    A few weeks ago I read an article on how females specifically have a higher pain tolerance than males. As I read on, they brought up things like repeated injuries being more painful for men than women. They also referenced ideas like the male machismo and how nerves work and such. They seemed to have it backed by some kind of study.

    Study aside, that is just plain wrong. I know for a fact that pain tolerance is completely dependent on the individual. I've met several people who use pain as a means of escape, both make and female. I myself can handle pain pretty well, that said, shit still hurts like hell. Expression. Like just now. Isn't that all pain tolerance is? Or maybe it's whether or not you can still operate going through a lot of pain? What's the difference? My experience is this:

    Appendicitis. It sucks. It just sucks. I'm on the floor, barely able to move. I'm screaming for two reasons: one, because it fucking hurts. Two, because I want people to know the kind of pain I'm in. It gave me some kind of satisfaction at the time, which I've grown out of. I feel the fact that I've grown out of it means that in reality I was choosing to scream. I was conscious of the satisfaction I thought I was getting, therefore i was in control. Still, it was hard to talk and breathe. When I was in the ambulance, I told the EMT I couldn't breathe. He said obviously I can otherwise how could I be talking? I must mean that it's difficult to breathe, not impossible. And he was right. I then made an effort to control my breathing through the pain. Then they gave me morphine at the hospital, and then i decided it was easier to lose control. Would have liked to see the surgery.

    Anyway, what's your experience with pain? Do you think the genders handle it differently? Do you think females are more sensitive and therefore tougher? Males? Is it all just propaganda to be ignored and its subscribers shamed? Seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon these days.

    Edit: whoops, lost my point somewhere in there.

    Okay, I'll admit it. I'm somewhat afraid of being discriminated against. Even so, what is the point of making that distinction? Can it really be as innocent as simply providing facts in this day and age? How is it really expected to be taken?

    That's what I wanna know.

    Update: web search for male or female pain tolerance and you'll find countless articles arguing both sides. That seems suspicious to me.
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  2. Obviously pain tolerance is different for each individual. Not every woman is going to have a higher pain tolerance than every man. That's not what those studies are saying. They're speaking in generalizations, as most every study does, because all humans are different and there are always exceptions to the rule.

    It's not "propaganda to be ignored," there are actual studies. But it doesnt really matter. I'm not sure what the point of the study was, but I dont think the point was to attack men or make them feel bad. If anything, it should make men feel better if they are responding more to pain than a female, because it might just be their biological makeup. People feel pain differently, so it's not right to judge others, or yourself, for being more effected by a painful stimulus than the person next to you. Theres no need to be offended or feel bad about it.

    I will say, in regards to menstruation, I think it's certainly possible that women have built up a much higher pain tolerance than a lot of men. I heard a story once of a girl whose appendix burst in class, and when the teacher asked her why she didnt say anything about her stomach hurting so much, she said "well, I've had cramps worse than that, so I just figured that's what it was."

    I'm a fairly tough person when it comes to pain, I think. Not the toughest ever or anything, but pretty tough, and I can say there have been countless times I've had to stay home from work because my cramps were so bad I literally couldn't do anything but lay down and cry and moan and pray it would stop or that I would die. That might sound dramatic, but that should be an indication of how bad period pain can be.

    So if you consider the fact that many women have to go through that every single month of their life, it kind of makes sense that they would develop a pretty good pain tolerance. In fact, maybe that's part of the purpose, to better prepare women for the eventual pain of childbirth.

    At the end of the day, though, it doesnt matter. We can discuss generalizations of who has a higher pain tolerance, and it seems to me from the studies I've seen that women do, but it doesnt need to be some big arguement where men are offended and women are prideful and lording it over them. It's just a fact. Just like the fact that most men (in general) are physically stronger than most women. Its silly of women to get offended about people saying that, because it's just a fact. I would be offended if some guy was boasting to me about his strength over me, since he didnt do anything to attain that other than happening to be born male where I was born female. But in general, I try not to get offended by facts.
  3. Pain tolerance is dependent from individual. But in research of this kind individual does not matter much. What matters is statistical average. Neither does your personal experience matters, cos you are just one individual. Individuals in research like this matter only as a means for constructing larger group.

    Females having more pain tolerance makes sense from biological perspective, because child birth is pretty painful.

    I don't know whether this is any propaganda. I guess it's possible, because these days there are a lot of nonsense "research" coming out for political reasons. But we have to look at individual studies and review them to be sure. You can't just dismiss them without any proof simply cos your are triggered by what they say.
  4. Thanks. Both of you are right about whether or not to take offense and how to credit such things.
    It really is easy to accept something like that, but I guess I take things to heart too often. Thanks again.
  5. I’m just grateful I don’t have periods or have to give birth. But it makes sense that people who do those things adapt to handle the pain.

    The concept of pain tolerance is interesting to me. When experiencing pain, you are forced to tolerate it no matter what you do. You can hate it but you still have to feel it.
  6. Stop parroting sexist ideas. According to liberal science males are capable of having periods too( I hope this is bull shit but it doesnt seem to be). You need to educate yourself, stop acting so macho and check your privilege.
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  8. Interesting. Does this also apply to non-trans people? I have never had cramps. I'm also pragmatic and somewhat agnostic so I don't believe in genders.

    Also, why not just teach the kids that when a girl choose to become a boy, she still has the lady parts that give her periods rather than saying it's because boys can have periods too? Why not highlight the fact that girls experience a lot of pain like @Castielle did with me to help the boys to empathize? It seems misleading to teach boys that they can have periods. I mean, they'll figure it out eventually, but that's gotta hurt somewhat in the long run. Kids aren't idiots.

    Edit: Also if I missed your satire just understand this is an ongoing problem with me but please take me seriously
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  9. I think/hope he was being sarcastic. But you're absolutely right, it's an insane notion to teach people that "boys can have periods too" when they're referring to trans people, who are a tiny minority of humans and not at all representative of average "boys."
  10. I was just messing around.
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  11. No, you're wrong, EVERYONE is entitled to having periods no matters what race gender or minority check your privilege

    I think I'm getting it.
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    You didn't include people who are transspecies you bigot.
    *Dyes hair blue*
    You're literally Hitler.
    *Dyes hair red*
    I'm gonna go complain about this on Tumblr.
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  14. Oh well that settles it. You should post that on PubMed.
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  15. Lol when I see women suffering with period pains, I just think how fucking absurd it is that people could believe a benevolent god made them that way. Slightly less than intelligent design let's have it right. Or maybe not so unintelligent since our survival as individuals and as a species is entirely contingent on pain and discomfort. Lovely chap your beardy pal.

    Also, I have no sympathy whatsoever for mothers who have period pains- since they apparantly decided it was entirely acceptable to bring into being another human who will potentially have to experience the same- it's like, they approved such things in the most emphatic way possible.
  16. Well, aren't you a lovely and respectful fellow.
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    I sure hope what they're saying is true that I can menstruate because I am going to rub my menstrual blood all over my face and make "menstrual-face" similar to blackface but using menstrual blood.
  18. Oh but some people love pain so I guess intelligent design worked out well for them.

    Is the argument limited to saying that there can only be one kind of God or none? Because I'm sure there is a much more natural yet spiritual reason for why things happened not tainted by people trying to control other people and such.

    Anyone can "love" pain or at least understand it as a tool, therefore it is not wrong to give it to peeps by common logic.
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  19. i doubt women have higher pain tolerance, i myself have a way higher one than any girl i know, but it does very person to person.
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  20. :emoji_joy::emoji_joy::emoji_joy:
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