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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by 1994jimmy, Jul 21, 2016.

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    You know the feeling. The day is close to over, another fucking day off the calendar. Today was especially uneventful and to be honest, you just want to feel good. At this point, anything that could take your mind off things sounds orgasmic. So, you hop off facebook and hit up your trusty porn site of choice and take your mind off of things. 10, 20, 45 minutes, where did the fucking time go? I haven't found that perfect (and invariably elusive) video to blow my wad to! This is bullshit! Finally you settle for some crappy video that didn't have that "perfect" shot, cum, and the gather your now dwindling brain power to finish the rest of your nightly or daily routine.

    Folks, that's been my life for the past decade, and I'm sick and tired of it.

    I was going strong and feeling amazing. Holding conversations with random people, getting a phone number or two (one girl gave ME her number). But I flushed it all away for the same old PMO garbage! This was roughly a year ago. 6 months ago I purposely destroyed my phone, to quit looking at porn and didnt have one up until 2 weeks ago. Because I didnt stop fapping for any longer than a week, I didn't feel much better.

    The past 2 weeks have been BINGE FEST 2016. Have only been to the gym once, friendships are dwindling, guitar is collecting dust, projects are remaining untouched and the list goes on! I've never joined a site like this because I'm somewhat afraid of succeeding if that makes any sense at all?

    Anyways, I'm doing this, I have to succeed and I WILL succeed! To get this started, I am setting goals that I am going to start RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

    1. I'm throwing my ecig in the garbage. NOW.
    2. I'm going to put at least 250 dollars in savings a month.
    3. I'm getting back in the gym, first thing in the damn morning.
    4. I will no longer use my phone for completly useless internet browsing.
    5. I'm going to play the guitar at least 15 minutes a day.
    6. Im going to continue meditating every night.

    Overall, done making excuses. Thats it so far gents, would love some correspondence from you guys and would also love to hear some of your stories! Would also really love to hear from people who did the 90 day reboot and still are going strong!

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    Glad to hear you're commencing the fight including a radical life change! Don't hesitate to ask for motivation or support, we're here to help each other. Keep yourself busy, you'll enjoy the extra amount of time and your healthy attitude!
    Good luck!
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    Good for you, welcome to a brand new life! A very small (tiny) word of caution ... what you're going for sounds a bit like Monk Mode, where you go for a bunch of changes all at once. I can totally see why, because you want to spend your now-free time doing something useful. But the second day is going to be hard, and the third, and the whole week. PMO is difficult to beat. So if you don't get anything done in the day except for being PMO-free, don't beat yourself up. It's a good day, a successful day, as long as you were PMO-free. And success breeds more success. You keep going, brother! We're all in it together with you!

    I, and others, find that a journal helps. Maybe it will help you, too.
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    Day one was easy. I lifted this morning, left my phone in my locker at work and stayed busy all day. Just finished playing guitar and about to meditate. Nicotine free for 24 hours. Thinking im going to post a new thread in the journal section, I will post the link!
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    My Journal
    You're going in the right path, comrade!
    I wish you the best luck and stay strong! ;)
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