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German speaking AP Group - OGH No.1

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Snakeloa, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut


    And thank you for showing up here and now. Today I want to invite you to get a glimpse of what our Accountability Circle, which is called "The Open Green Hearts" (OGH) is all about.

    Each time I started to avoid porn, I was all in, I deleted all my porn, and it seemed to work out very good. Merely to find out after several weeks that I failed again. A bad feeling, loneliness or some trigger forced me to start all over again.

    I needed some program or process to help me stay focused and connected — something which would empower me and help me to thrive in life. I searched and studied a lot of interviews, websites and circles, but nothing came close to what I wanted to be part of. I wanted a place where I can truly be myself, open and vulnerable while at the same time, safe and connected to other men. No more hiding or wearing a mask. A place where I can be truthful. So I came up with the idea of the open green hearts.

    Let me present you to the OGH project and this particular group! Let's dive in.

    So let's get started with it. I will split up the Text into 3 Sections:
    1) This Group: Who is it for, who is already in this group, how many spots are available...
    2) Workflow: What can you expect, how does it work, rules and freedom
    3) Contact: How can you join? More information...

    By the way. If you are interested in forming a :emoji_green_heart: Group (Open Green Heart) yourself or for your gender or in your language, let me know, and I will send you the Manual! You are more than welcome to use it for free. Just give us some regular feedback to improve this Project. There can be as many "Open green heart groups" as all of you want to create.

    1) This Group:

    • This group here is for men.
    • We speak and write german.
    • Maximum Group size is 9! At the moment we are seven men.
    • Free Spots in the group: :emoji_zap:0:emoji_zap: more men can join.
      Get signed up for the: WAITING LIST or contact me for a 2nd German Group.
    • We started a few months ago, and you can join at any time.
    • We are connected via Signal App Messenger, have 1 Zoom Video Call every month. Timezone is CET (Europe)
    • Each member checks in at least once a week

    2) The workflow:

    We created a workflow which supports men to connect in a shame-free and secure way! The core of our accountability container is a basic set of rules we agreed on which is added to that workflow.

    a) In advance, when someone joins the group or during one of our Video Calls. This person acknowledges that there is an addiction and commits in front of the group to itself what goal he or she wants to achieve.
    (Why? Because if you are not ready to see your addiciton or do not want to set a goal for yourself - this group is not going to be able to support you.)

    b) We all train ourselves to observe when the urge for our addiction kicks in.

    c) If any member of the group senses their urge, it will send a symbol to the group, which stands for an invitation to other group members to support this person. The symbol is represented by a green heart.:emoji_green_heart: There is no need to describe or justify what's going on. It is just an invitation to be supported. This helps to avoid any judgements or fear to be judged. It is a convenient step to get into contact - shame free

    d) The next step is that this person holds itself accountable to not give in before another member of the group replies to this support-invitation.

    e) As soon as this person gets contacted by another group member it will receive support in a bespoke workflow which helps to get through this urge for addiction and enables to transform this negative energy into something life-affirming and get into action.

    f) Then this person shares this achievement with the group to manifest even more this positive change.

    Is this workflow an obligation?
    • If you a the supporting men: Yes! Except the men working wishes a different kind of support.
    • If you are the person who sent a request for support - you will always set your rules of how your work should look like yourself. You are the leader of the process. The supporting men are following you by being a supportive facilitator.

    3) contact and further information:

    For more information or questions, just write it down in a comment below or sent me a pm.

    There are a lot more tools we use to stay in contact and hold ourselves responsible. Tools which support growth and will change the way you see your addiction.

    Please be aware:
    We do not offer professional support. And our groups don't replace such. We understand and advice you to use our material or to join a group in addition to any professional support you may need.

    Have a great day, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Big Hug
    (This thread got to rebuild, as we had some advertising issues in the first one)

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  2. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    If you want to join, download the manual, read it and check if you agree with it. When you are ready for your journey post:

    "I am in for this life-affirming challenge."

    To participate in this group, we accept men who are:

    • Living in the European timezone areas and speak German.
    • Willing to engage fully by setting an achievable and demanding goal.
    • To stay in contact with the group via a safe end to end messenger (Signal, Telegram...) and meet once a month for a Video Conference
    • Obey the agreements of the Open Green Heart manual and the transformative process-work to keep the group Container safe and effective
    • dare to show up

      We are looking forward to supporting you!
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  3. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    What do men think about this group who actually are in it?

  4. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Another man in our group did reach his 90 days Goal:emoji_trophy:.
    Now he aims for 180 days.:emoji_muscle:

    That is what he shared:
    I am so incredibly proud. The members in this OGH group develop such an intense will to liberate themselves while looking at themselves in a loving and trustworthy way. :emoji_dart: It simply works!

    If you want to join such a group. Here we got some spots available: OGH Group 2

    Hope to see you regain your liberty as well soon.
    Hug Jörg
  5. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Do you want to read more Testimonials of the men in this group?

    There is 1 single spot available in the group for you, if you are commited to do the work. You need to speak german in this group. If you are looking for the english speaking European group, klick the link in my signature.

    Hug Jörg
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
  6. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Newest Testimonial of a Groupmember (Age:30-40 years)
    And another big action is going to happen in our next video call. I am so proud that one man is going to lead that call and train his leadership skills to further grow and help other men to step up in life as well.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
  7. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    There are 2 spots free in the group to join. Who would like to take this opportunity .
  8. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Good morning men, in this german speaking group we only have 1 spot available at the moment. After that we will create a waiting list for a second group.

    The men in this group No.1 are doing well, acknowledging their struggles and finding deeper insight of what drives them. I am very proud of the good communication flow this gorup is having at the moment. Their is some deep work going on.

    So if you are keen to join us , let me know.

    Hug Jörg
  9. mxmn

    mxmn Fapstronaut

    Hi Jörg,
    I am very interested to join and meet all the criteria :D
    let me know
  10. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Group Update Dec 2019:
    Man, this group is so on fire at the moment. Beautiful to look at. I guess the last discussions let to more connection, clarity and an even stronger container.

    I really enjoy the daily input of the men, the way the show-up and share and most of all I am impressed by their positive results of being ruthlessly honest with each other.

    Way to go men, fight on to become each single second the man you were born to be!
  11. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Jan Update: Männer es sind in unserer Gruppe wieder Plätze frei und ich lade jeden Mann herzlich ein, der seine Sucht hinter sich zu lassen. Wir freuen uns auf Eure Rückmeldung hier oder via PM.

    Hug Jörg
  12. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Heute war unser nächster zoom call in der Gruppe. Wir haben uns darüber ausgetauscht warum es so wichtig ist nicht einfach nur vor der Sucht davon zu rennen und Tage zu zählen in denen wir standhaft bleiben konnten. Wir haben ergründet wie das sich der Sucht stellen uns dem näher bringt was die Sucht überhaupt erst ausgelöst hat und wie wir Alternativen dazu entwickeln können welche uns über die jetzige Situation hinaus wachsen lassen können.

    Ein spannendes Thema und eine noch aufregendere Reise steht uns bevor.
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  13. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Nach 2 weiteren grünen Herzen Prozessen sehe ich, dass unsere Gruppe gut fokusiert ist. Es ist schön zu sehen, wie wir auf unserer Reise tiefer liegende nicht erfülte Bedürfnisse erkennen können, welche uns immer wieder in das Ausleben "ungesunder" Sexualität führen können. Die Prozesse helfen also dabei das Problem an der Wurzel anzupacken und nicht nur vor den Symptomen fort zu laufen.

    Die Gruppengröße liegt gerade bei 7 Männern und ein weiterer ist gerade in der Entscheidungsphase. Mit ihm wäre die Gruppe voll und es wird dann eine Warteliste geben.
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  14. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Wir haben wieder Platz für bis zu 3 weitere Männer in der Gruppe und nächste Woche bereits den nächsten zoom call. Wer Interesse hat und bereit ist seine innere Arbeit zu einem "besseren Mann" zu machen ist herzlich willkommen.

    Einfach hier schreiben oder eine pn an mich
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  15. Dimka

    Dimka New Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Hi, Good Morning Jörg
    Ich bin sehr interessiert und erfülle die Kriterien hoffentlich im Einzelnen, da ich Manual gelesen habe und dem ganzen nur zustimme.

    Wie dürfte ich mitmachen?
    Ich habe bereits Telegram App auf meinem Smartphone installiert, und sende dir hiemit meine Email : anrolk21 (ät) gmail com
    Meine Handynr schreibe ich dir privat mit PM, wenns in Ordnung ist.

    Ps.Gibt es die deutsch sprachige Gruppe noch?

    I hope that, I am welcome ) I agree to the Manual, I have already read it.

    Gruß und Hug
  16. goqugoqu

    goqugoqu Fapstronaut

    Hi Snakeloa,
    Ich bin sehr interessiert und erfülle die Kriterien im Einzelnen, da ich das Manual gelesen habe- >Ich stimme dem, was im Manual geschrieben steht, zu..

    Wie dürfte ich mitmachen?
    Ich sende dir hiemit meine Email: anrolk21 gmail4com
    Meine HandynNr: 015142377399
    Herzl.Gruß, Dimka
  17. goqugoqu

    goqugoqu Fapstronaut

    Das ist meine korrigierte Email:
    anrolk21 (ät) gmail com
  18. Ecasrev

    Ecasrev New Fapstronaut

    Hey @Snakeloa
    habt ihr noch einen Platz in einer OGH Gruppe frei bzw. ist das noch aktuell? Wäre als neuling in dem gesamten Thema sehr interessiert und sowohl die Beschreibung als auch das Manual klang sehr gut.
    LG aus dem Norden Deutschlands
  19. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Hi @Ecasrev

    Ich denke wir können Dich noch aufnehmen. Wir sind heute umgezogen auf die Signal App.

    Wenn Du dabei Sein willst, sende mir eine PM mit Deiner Mobilnummer, bestätige das Du Dich an das Manual und die Regeln hälst und installiere die Signal App. Dann füge ich Dich hinzu.
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  20. Thomas im Hardmode

    Thomas im Hardmode New Fapstronaut

    Hallo ,Mein name ist klaus- ich suche eine Gruppe ,wo man sich gegenseitig unterstützt und motiviert-bin zurzeit im Hardmode 108 Tage-NoPmo bekommt mir sehr gut und ich will es auch noch weiter machen.
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