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    DISCLAIMER: I haven't try this myself, as you can see, I'm on day 92/93 and this idea came to me about 5 hours ago.

    So basically, you get a plant (even better if you plant a seed), but one of those that need to be watered everyday, choose one you really like, that you feel joy by just watching, put a name on it. Then, from now on, you will water your plant only on days that you spend doing nofap, if you relapse one day, your tiny adorable plant will suffer, if you relapse too often your plant will die; on the other hand, if you get discipline and get nofap going, your plant will grow with you. Now ain't that quacking beautiful? Ideally you'd be making a perfect streak and watering your plant everyday.

    I imagine having one plant for every habit that i build/break, it would be like having a partner joining you on your journey. IMAGINE HAVING A GARDEN LIKE THAT. I'd be happy to look at that garden.

    Now, the psychological trick is this. It's guaranteed that we find easy taking care of someone else that we love better than taking care of ourselves. Imagine you have a doggo or a pet and it gets sick, if you really love it, you will take care of him, give him love, you'll give him his medicine and maybe some soup. However, you're less likely to take that much care for yourself, you'd tend to be sloppier, forget to take medicine, not give yourself enough rest, etc. The idea is that you take care of your little plant by doing nofap, and you take care of yourself in the process. There's also the motivational progress of seeing your plant grow.

    I hope this helps some random people on the internet
  2. That‘s actually a great idea! :eek:
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