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    The truth is harsh but would you rather have it sugar coated or take it as it is?

    The reason I'm writing this thread is because I've noticed a lot of guys who trying to recover and reboot in a relationship have been a little selfish. Please read the rest of the post before attacking me. :D

    A lot of men who are in a relationship or dating someone and trying to recover are constantly putting all the burden on their SOs without putting themselves in their shoes.
    If you want to recover and be fully cured, you should know that your girlfriend or significant other is there to help you. Those who stuck with you and been through your relapses and reboot attempts, they care about you. They didn't have to stay but they did. Some have been with their SOs for a couple years and refuse to break up because they want to give them a chance to change and become the better healthy version of themselves.

    Every time you get triggered and think about relapsing, think of your SO. Is this really what you want to do? It hurts a lot to see that you are giving pixels on a screen more attention and attraction while they are there feeling abandoned. It ruins their self esteem and some of them do not feel the same as they think they're useless or unattractive.
    Now I know it is not easy to JUST QUIT PORN. But you can do it. I know I did and I haven't felt happier and more complete ever since.
    If the girl you love is not enough motivation for you to quit, then I think you need to reevaluate your choices and actually do something about it.

    I take full responsibility and criticism for my post so if you have any comments, please feel free to say every thing you'd like to say.

    P.S. I also thought my username would fit perfectly as a title :D

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