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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by kroon007, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. kroon007

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    I have always being the person who makes the lame jokes and the good boy or the shy one. I fed up of this most girls pity me as if I'm some kind of baby..such as sometimes they call me "Darling" or "Dear".

    Even with the boys i have no reputation , the only thing they remember is the bad jokes i have made. Even when they laugh i wonder if they laugh at the joke or at me:(

    Most girls in my class (im 16) never won't to talk to me, I'm nether the smart one(my best friend) or the cool one or the gym guy or girls guy. '

    Sometimes when i talk to someone they seem to not hear. I don't know if this is me speaking too softly or them just ignoring me.I am never taken seriously.

    Please help me to get over these problems please. :eek:
  2. NextLevelOfLife

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    Step 1: Photoshop your self image, make a version of yourself in your mind of the version of you that you want to be, don't pick someone else to be, be YOU!
    Fix your view of yourself and except yourself as you are, acknowledge something you like and improve the things you don't.
    Step 2: Work out, reasearch first, if you need advice on this (or anything else) message me.
    Step 3: stop getting fulfillment from things outside of yourself, happiness is in your mind, not in peoples thoughts of you, peoples reactions to me have got 2000 times better by stopping the giving of shits about what they think, do stuff to make you and the people that really matter to you happy, but with YOU first.
    Step 4: Meditate

    Side note: Assuming you havn't had sex yet: virginity is a term invented by morons to control people, you simply haven't had sex yet, nothing more nothing less, it is not purity nor a curse, it simply is, emphasis on present tense.
  3. kroon007

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    Yes iam a virgin but that is not my goal. Yes i will try my best right now my goals are to pass my igcse well but i want a good body too.

    Ps do you know y i am alywys shy is it the way i was brought up or something to do with genes...
  4. Mankrik

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    Hey man dont worry you can fix being shy it just takes practice. I was in your same situation and still am to an extent. You just gotta put yourself out there and not care what people think. I know its hard but trust me its better than not talking to anyone. Your genes have nothing to do with it its your mindset that needs to change. Work on self betterment and stepping out of your comfort zone your self confidence will improve. You cant change the past but you can change the future. I believe in you go kick some ass.
  5. Slimey

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    Mmm... shyness is something I struggle with too. Why do you ask about your genes? They could have an effect but I think you should avoid thinking about genes. You can't change them. Fortunately for us, there is ever increasing scientific consensus in the extent of neuroplasticity - that is, the brain is mostly affected by the experiences and decisions we make, and for the most part genes play only a small roll.
    Keep trying to put yourself out there, and keep on the NoFap bandwagon. I've heard NoFap can really help with your self esteem and social confidence. I think I've even experienced that a bit in my streaks...
  6. :eek: :eek: :eek: you poor darling
    ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

    No seriously though: you don't have to fit in to any silly category of 'cool', 'smart' 'gym guy'. The people in those categories are being like everybody else, they are to afraid to just be themselves. So boring! Truth is, you can't put anybody into a category because everybody is so unique. When I was 16 (I'm 18 now), I was pretty shy and it has only been quite recently that I've really cracked out of my shell, and let me tell you, I like being me! It didn't happen all at once though. I spend time every day just smiling at myself in the mirror - something I would recommend to you. Smile at yourself and approve yourself. People (i.e. girls) are attracted to original people. Just pursue your passions - find out what really interests you. Smile at people just because. It is fun being yourself. People really respect it.
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  7. SuperLulox

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    It simply is. Those three words had a deep impact on me, thank you.
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  8. kroon007

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    thx man
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  9. kroon007

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    even me i have had some experince in my last failed rebbot.
  10. kroon007

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    not today
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  11. Aiyoshi

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    From my searchs and observations, the thing that matters the most to women is confidence.

    A great way to gain confidence is do stuff we are scared of, like approaching girls. If you're too scared of it, like me, paying someone everytime you don't is a great way to get over it.
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