Getting angry at my lack of motivation

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Usernameallowed, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Life is slowly passing me by

    Don't know wtf is wrong with me.

    Got a few targets I want to meet but because of sheer boredom I just keep living a negative feedback loop

    I want to do intermittent fasting or fast 2-3 days a week and shred a tonne of body fat

    I'm currently 94kg. Reasonable amount of gains but I haven't been training in months

    My goal is to kick this fapping shit out lose about 20-30lbs and get lean for the first time in about 5 years and start packing on more muscle..... And implement more cardio into my daily life ...
    .. overall higher quality of life . Health and mental wellbeing ...

    It takes alot of time to lose weight aswell as gain muscle it takes discipline and dedication .... For the love of fuck it's becoming a real struggle to find the discipline to sustain .... Mainly because of boredom ....the motivation just isn't there... And the whole NoFap is just merging into it as a whole

    Need some serious help getting motivated nothing seems to be working.

    I'm a king of procrastination..... I think I need to do this before I can start this or before I can prepare myself mentally to undertake it... At which point time is being wasted and I could have been ten steps ahead

    And never thought I'd be watching porn at my age more as a compulsive necessity than anything to do with horniness. Again interlinked with sheer boredom .... Half the time I get no pleasure out of it's just something I need to do ... Need some big dog changes .... Like preparing to go to war ... Or sailing across the globe ..... This everyday monotony and daily grind is becoming a cocoon of excuseable lack of effort..... Everything is at the tip of our fingers
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    The best kind of motivation is the kind you give yourself. It really comes down to your own desires and decisions you make based off them. Do you desire to live a healthy, happy life, more than you desire to be lazy and look at porn? Then start making the necessary decisions that will you lead you in that direction.
    Not sure what your daily routine is like, but start taking small steps, commit to one habit at a time. Pick one thing, whether it be going for a mile jog every day, meditation in the morning, no social media or technology past 8pm, etc. Start with one thing like that and stick with it. Pretty soon it will become habit and you won't even have to think about it.
    Becoming motivated and working towards a better YOU isn't something that will happen naturally. You won't "feel" or always "want" to make the right choices. What's important to realize is you have to look past your feelings and step outside of your comfort zone.
    Do you have a job, do you work?
    Find something productive to do and stick with it. Start with one or two good habits and keep at it. Porn addiction thrives in boredom and secrecy. The more time you spend thinking about how messed up your life is, how much damage your PMO addiction has caused, how weak or lazy you are, how there's nothing to do, etc., the more things like PMO will have a control over you.
    It's all a mindgame. You have to push aside the negative thoughts, look forward, and start taking small steps in that direction.
    Also, get out more and socialize a little bit. I don't know your living situation of how many friends you have... but I think socializing with others is important for our mental health. I wouldn't go as far to say make it a priority or anything, but I think simple discussions or hanging out with others or whatever helps us develop care for others and helps get our thoughts off of ourselves all the time
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    The overuse of the neural pathways after PMO causes a downtick in the number of dopamine receptors, hence the lack of motivation. I think you may need to set up your environment in a way that will increases your chances of success and reaching your fitness goals. Start small, like exercise for 5 minutes. Then up it to 10 minutes. Then 15 minutes. So on and so forth. Make the baseline goal so easy that you will achieve it with minimal effort. Build up that habit first. Even if you exercise for 5 minutes a day, that's 35 minutes a week. Do that for a few weeks. It's better than nothing. If you can build up these habits then you don't have to solely rely on motivation. Remember, that you're not going to feel motivated every single day, especially if you are rebooting. The brain takes time to regain sensitivity and normal functioning. Exercise actually boosts dopamine in the brain and instead of focusing how you're not feeling motivated rather you should think about how good you'll feel once you're done exercising. Write down what are the things you want to do and stack the habits that will get you one step closer to the goal. I recently read Atomic Habits and there was really good advice in there that you may find useful.

    Cut the chord of PMO and allow yourself time and space to heal. Don't rush it. Don't focus so much on the goal. Enjoy the process and stay in the moment. Take it one day at a time and you'll get there eventually. But it's predicated on committing to yourself and to your self-improvement. One day at a time. The more you do things that you know you should be doing, the more you will reinforce to yourself that you're a go-getter. It all starts with a single step; just do it. You know you can.
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