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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by keepitreal-88, Sep 3, 2015.

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    Could use some advice. I work in a job where I'm required to talk face to face with people all day while standing up. All this abstaining from porn and sexual release has made it way too easy to get aroused when I'm talking to attractive women. So i'm talking to a female customer, trying to concentrate on my job but I can tell shes interested and I can feel growth down below, fortunately no full grown boners yet but the bulge in my trousers is definitely noticeable if someone were to take a good look. As you can imagine this could get quite awkward and embarrassing. This hasn't happened since I was teenager, any tips on how I can prevent or hide it?
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    I know sticking it straight up leaning up against your belly has saved me many embarrassing moments. Give it it a try
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    Make sure you don't spend too much time thinking of it, as thinking of arousal often leads to it.
    I've had similar concerns, but the bulge really isn't that bad most of the time, and most people will just assume it's the fabric folding and not anything else.
    If you can wear a longer shirt, that could help conceal anything that people might see. You can also try wearing briefs and heavy material like denim to keep everything where it belongs a little better.
    I've heard that flexing your leg muscles can divert blood flow pretty well too.
    I've found that picturing bugs (cockroaches are my go to) crawling all over my food works the best for me. And when I can't do that, I curl my toes to give myself a foot cramp.
    Since you have to be talking to them, it may be easier to imagine them as wrinkly old ladies.
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    Basically, the more you don't think about sex regardless of how heated a situation can be is very beneficial to your relations, have no desire for sex and see women come to you wanting it. Be as professional as possible imagine you're da Vinci or Nikola Tesla, a man with a solid backbone. Forget about measly things such as arousal.

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