Getting aroused when talking to girls

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  1. Here’s a question:
    (I’m asking for a friend who PM’d me about this)

    Any tips for a guy who has a hard time talking to girls, is easily triggered by certain body parts and frequently gets boners when talking to girls?

    Personally, even though I know that my (smaller than average) manhood wouldn’t be blatantly obvious, I’d still be mortified and would probably turn bright red in the face! :eek:

    Anyone else have similar challenges or tips to get over this?
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  2. I don't know, but I'd appreciate the whole "hard when talking to girls" aspect of things.
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    Don't wear gym shorts. Those pitch a tent so easily
    Thicker jeans have helped me out. Seem to suppress it a little better, but not a guarantee

    If I have a backpack with me, I can semi-awkwardly use it to cover up the crotch area. It's weird but it can work
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  4. How old are you?
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    I've been a bit secretive about it. Haha. If you send me a PM, I'll tell ya

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