Getting bored thinking is it really worth it?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Gliderpilot9, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Gliderpilot9

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    Sometimes I feel no superpowers and I think is this a hard path to take for no reason. I take a step back at times and look into the big picture of no fapping. It feels comedic that something so small can have such an impact. I need motivation for when I feel like it’s all a big joke.
  2. HugoBoss

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    There's a limit to the amount of the benefits that you can get from doing nofap..
    After that, it becomes "boring" and "normal".
    Don't expect to turn into a sugar daddy after completing 90 or 400 days.. it doesn't work like that
  3. Talalelsayed

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    I have the same problem,
    Sometimes i get bored, nothing to do, i feel like to Fap not because i have an urge, only because of free time, somedays i find myself alone, finished my work and study and gym, no interesting films to watch or books to read, no friends to hang out with, i think what is the problem of getting a rush of dopamine after a p*rn film or masturbation, the only obstacle that hinders me is that i remember how i was on my severe addiction days, i was fapping 6 times daily, i am now in my third month free, i am afraid to go back.
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  4. ZenAF

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    Superpowers? What are you talking about? You wanna climb walls like Spiderman and fuck women while hanging from the ceiling? Picture a farmer somewhere in the country. Porn was never in his life, he has no time to masturbate and he's married since he was 24. Does he look like he's got superpowers?
    We're just trying to be normal again around here, kill off that degenerate retarded pathological outgrowth inside our brain that went bananas with porn over the years. The reward is normality, not superpowers.

    Also you shouldn't rely on motivation by others. You need to come here to find knowledge and then motivate yourself.
    Wtf are you doing? It's porn. Just write it. Nobody's going to be triggered into a relapse because they read the word and you're not going to save anybody from relapsing with your little self-censorship.
  5. BigOne79

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    That’s exactly what it is all about. Returning to normal without thinking we need porn or or have to get off every single day to be happy. People that don’t fap are meeting people, doing new things, sensitizing to other things in life. This is what needs to happen in order to get rid of this addiction..
    It isn’t gonna be easy. I have one CBT psychiatrist saying it can be anywhere from a year to two years to cure the sex addiction ... I just hope I and the rest of us are up to the challenge ..
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