Getting in Shape is an Independent Journey

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by PancanBoy, Sep 30, 2019.

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    I keep missing workouts at the gym. My training partner has a hard time waking up early enough for our scheduled workouts. He also burned his hand a week ago. Due to his incapacitation, I haven't hit the weights in a week. I had the thought this morning- why did that stop me from going? The answer: it is more comfortable to stay home and, with my friend's absence, I have no accountability.

    Then I look at other parts of my life, like eating a ketogenic diet. I'm not around anyone in the early morning when I make and eat food. When I order keto food at restaurants with friends, I'm not concerned with their diets and using them for motivation to stifle my carb cravings. This is an independent journey. I'm disciplining myself because I need to.

    When I take ice baths before my shower, I am alone in the chest freezer. Even my roommate isn't awake at this point. I am by myself, surrounded by ice, working on my inhalations. People might spectate when I have an ice bath party, but as a regular practice, I am alone, and I'm disciplining myself because I need to.

    It is MY body that gets in shape, so why pay attention to others?
    I will pay attention to others for feedback. If I make the change in myself independently, they might see and make those changes too. My girlfriend started the keto diet and taking ice baths. My cousin takes ice baths now. So does my little sister. My roommate hopped into keto and even bought herself ketone test strips (she's getting serious!)

    Thinking about this lead to a decision. I won't base my motivation for getting in shape on the wants and needs of other people. It's for me. I wonder, if I go to the gym and keep lifting on my own, then my friend's burned hand will heal faster.
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    Good points, too many people comparing themselves with others,especially in the gym. This is what leads to a lot of recreational steroid use.
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    Hit the gym, and reap the benefits. Its you angainst yourself.
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