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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by DaddyFatSac, Dec 12, 2018.

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    I told myself it wouldn’t happen. I told myself I wouldn’t be that kid in high school that was addicted to vaping, but then my entire school became addicted. A few hits at a party turned into a few hits every single morning and buying pods every week no matter how expensive they were. I recently told myself I would quit so I gave my vape to a trusted friend. This is only the first day without it and I have this odd sensation constantly in my throat. I want nicotine so bad and I can’t stop thinking about it. Before, when I was looking into stomping nicotine addiction, I read that the cravings only last 10 minutes, so distract yourself. It doesn’t end for me, I crave it constantly. The dopamine levels I got from it every day was substantial and I’m already finding myself wanting to relapse on nofap to get those levels back. I want to stomp this addiction. Any advice?
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    You can do it. Weather its porn, nicotine, it something else, it's about regaining self control. You are supposed to be in charge of your mind and body.
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  3. First, I'm laughing hard at your screen name.

    I'm in the same boat. I smoked for years from 15-30 and then did the patch, gum, lozenges and some pill that made me go bat shit crazy and now vaping. I started at 1.8mg, then 1.2, .6, .3 and just yesterday I went to .1 and I'm still OK. Plan is to go to .05 in two week and then .025 to finally 0. If you knock down the nicotine level ever so slightly you won't notice it and your body begins to wean off. I'm hoping I'm going to quit nicotine for good this time. I've been trying for almost 10 freakin' years!

    Stay strong and don't give up. Just keep trying different methods until something starts working and then go for it.

    For what it's worth, I find doing nofap a breeze compared to the chains of nicotine.
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    I have luckily never used nicotine much other than when I over indulge with alcohol.

    I've noticed with most compulsive urges is that they don't last very long. If you can distract yourself for those short intervals they will build up to more time. The pulls might begin to not feel so strong.

    I'm glad I've never had a true problem with nicotine. I wish everyone here the courage to pull through. One urge at a time. One day at a time.
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