Getting really bored with my life

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by kiwi_fruit, Dec 1, 2018.

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    Has anyone feel like there life is drifting away and you have nothing to do? Day and day are just passing and you have not done productive for quite a long time. I am getting boring and boring each day, don't want to talk to people and hate being in public. My studies are going really bad and I just don't want to go to classes. I don't have a job and didn't want to apply for them.
    I really like one girl and she is a friend but in front of her I really don't have any thing to say.
    What can I do to change my life? habits and ideas that benefited you will be really helpful.
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    Hey you sound just like me except antisocial and insecure haha.

    I'm bored with just about everything and everybody in my life and my current academic life prevents me from much socialisation.

    I miss classic school where things were never quiet for long and hordes of friends were everywhere (with the occassional crush too ;) )

    If u like, you can msg me anytime. Hahaha it'll be my pleasure
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  3. PedroCalrissian

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    Take on some responsibility, push yourself, make yourself uncomfortable, aim upwards.
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    find something to get excited about or work towards
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    I think I may have the answer but it’s going to be a process to get your excitement back not a quick fix. (It may be worse before getting better)

    Do you engage in activities that excessively stimulate dopamine production?Obviously pmo being the worst, but video games, excessive tv, binge eating, excessive music listening, mindless internet browsing...

    Stop all of these or as many as you can and your dopamine receptors will upregulate do to the lack of stimulation, and small things in life will give you joy again. Though you’ll likely go through withdrawals.

    I learned this the hard way (it was painful to be alive with no desire for anything). Now I’m slowly getting my motivation back.
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  6. Read, write, maybe travel in whatever small way you can. You need a fresh outlook on life. :)

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