Getting rid of sissy hypno addiction

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    A short guide
    Hello fellow nofappers, like many, I have eventually discovered sissy hypnos - the darkest place of still legal porn. And eventually started fapping to it. But there is a way out. First, you need to to search for the transgender/sissy porn actors pictures without makeup and editing. You will discover that in 95% they look like... well... men. If you are already into cross dressing make a selfie in female clothes and look at it after you fap. Not the hot girl you thought you were? Keep these pictures in mind next time you have the urge to fap to transgender/sissy stuff - a major turn off. The next test
    - go somewhere public and imagine that you will blow every man you meet.
    Not really, a turn on when fantasy meets reality, is it? So, it looks like you are not a sissy after all. Now that we are out of the sissy stuff - subscribe for OpenDNS or other similar service and block all porn (enable stats and give the password to someone you trust if you want to go hard mode) . That will block your home access to porn. Now go watch Requiem for a Dream. Every time you have the urge to unblock porn, think of yourself as a drug addict reaching for a drug. Nofap for 30+ days.
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    I am an expert on Anti sissy hypnosis please contact me as quickly as possible, I am leading the charge against sissy
    hypno content on the internett, helping flag and remove all of it, and you need to join in to. their breaking the
    law their racist,sexist, trying to entrap minors/ underage children in their fetish. I need as many as possible to help aid me
    in this quest. their are causeing people to harm others and themselfes.
  3. good instruction! This will help alot!
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    Keep At it Brother!
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    I can't find pictures of them without makeup.
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    What is sissy hypno?
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    Inobx me please, i would like to talk With you if you are really an expert in this.
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  8. This is terrible advice!

    It's a shame cycle and that's not how you break it.
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    Never heard of it either. Too afraid to look it up.

    I have a question too. What do you all consider extreme porn genres and vanilla porn genres? I never watched femdom or transgender things. I consider myself heterosexual and wish to stay that way. However I watched 'hot teacher' and 'milf' shit.

    Watched porn daily for 6 years. Never could abstain longer than a week. Until I found out that I really had PIED and the only way to get rid of it was hard mode. So yeah that's when my current streak begun. If you are really dedicated, then it makes it so much easier to abstain. So find out why you want to quit PMO and start your streak.
    I am really proud of my current streak and still going! The streak even gives me more motivation.
    If you want to know more about my background and story: look in my profile :)


    Btw: don't forget to answer my question please hahah.
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    what do you recommended then? this stuff is literally destroying my life, i have browsed porn "normally" the the last 15/16 years for maybe 15-20mins a day, until oneday somehow discovered this. IMO it should 100% be illegal, i am hooked and listening 5-6 hours DAILY. I try to stop but can't. it is ruining my life. I am getting 3-4 hours sleep a night and i'm ditching time with my GF to listen. My relationship is pretty much over. Regular porn and normal sex turn me on so much more, but this trash is what i'm somehow addicted to. thought about throwing out my computer, my phone, my laptop, disconnecting my internet and just having access to the internet at work. but that's as detrimental to my social life & career as this is turning out to be.

    genuinely the worst point came when i discovered some of these files create DID/MPD (google it - multiple hypnotherapists have been sued for creating them accidentally, very possible once in "trance"). that's the when i realized just how much of a line hypno crosses vs regular porn and just how seriously it can ruin lives. unfortunately im already super addicted and its taking all my self control not to listen to these obviously next-level files. from the outside looking in it must sound absolutely ridiculous, but once you're in - to put it simply
    - you're fucked.

    im going to try what everyone has suggested here unless anybody has better ideas or experience.
  11. genuinely the worst point came when i discovered some of these files create DID/MPD (google it - multiple hypnotherapists have been sued for creating them accidentally, very possible once in "trance").

    Yeah I can see that they do that. E.g. one file I listened to said "I'm talking to the real you, the inner you, to the sissy girl inside." To which now as a man sitting here I can say "Shut up and piss off!", but when I was listening it must have appealed.

    I see these files as getting their power when we haven't reconciled the male and female elements of our character, haven't fully understood and accepted the differing influences of our mother and father during childhood. When we're still angry at our father and wanting to be like our mother, we are vulnerable to these recordings which aim to systematically destroy our masculine identity.

    The usual stuff should help: getting a therapist and doing EMDR to resolve childhood issues, reading & doing the exercises in No More Mr Nice Guy, going to a 12-step fellowship like SLAA or SAA. And also reading up on shame and anxiety and sex addiction, for example Patrick Carnes and John Bradshaw.

    'Cure the Craving' is the best online porn recovery programme I've seen, which will help change your habits around sitting at your PC.

    I've been thinking I need to change the negative internal story I hold about myself, and I should start repeating positive affirmations to myself. I've heard good things about EFT/tapping (look it up on Youtube), even if it may mostly be placebo, so I may try that.

    Basically you need to fortify yourself with strong positive energies to counter the negative ones you've taken in. But also understand that the risk of relapse will always be latent within you, because by now you've likely conditioned it as a response to stress, so you'll need to stay vigilant.
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  12. Just google for woman without make up. Or some celebrities.
  13. OH NOOOOOO! Look.... Don't go there. Its the most damaging legal kind of porn.
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  14. Oh Goku :D
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    It isn't really. Probably the most effective way to stop watching porn is to not want to watch it anymore. I stopped wanting to watch porn when I found videos of transgenders on every single website. It offended and disgusted me, and made me not want to watch anymore. Of course, I never clicked on any of the videos. If you can make yourself not want to watch porn, even if you still have some temptation to, you can get yourself out of the addiction easier.
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    That doesn't count.
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    Is that a JoJo reference? Hahahah, thanks for the advice, Jotaro
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  18. Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Hmm. You better use it
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  19. goth_man

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    -First of all, forget every kind of porn, and start to use less and less webconnection. Forget the whole internet for a while. Go out in the nature, organize trips with friends, read books in the library, go to the cinema, speak and have fun with people, exspecially with women out there. Do some sport, any kind os sport, or just walk in the park.
    the time will help you.
    Go to prostitutes, have sex with girls, try to do it as you can, communicate with them. You can do it belive me.
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    Congratulations on passing the 30 day mark. I've just started today. Whilst I may not really put myself into a full sissy catagory, I can say I've ventured into it briefly before and can say it made me heavily depressed, and with everything else going on in my life I was a wreck.

    I've been crossdressing on and off since I was 4, so 12 years now. I started when I was about 4. Between the age of 4 and 11 I did it maybe 6 times. I knew it felt good weirdly. Come 12 years old, get into it a fair bit, get bored and move on. This is where I discovered masturbation and it started off with just pictures of half naked girls. A few years later at 14 it comes back, try it a bit again, get bored and move on, come 15 I'm at a low point it creeps up and almost ruined me, made me believe I was 50% a girl and porn was the biggest influencer. I watched a few sissy hypnosis videos, but never got into them really, but they got me into a state where I listened a bit and I feel very ashamed of that. They need to be made fully illegal. It's disgusting and sickening.

    I turn 16, don't even consider it until I reach a low point again late August and I'm glad it only lasted around a week. I relapsed and let porn control me again, this time not as bad, but I began watching a lot of tgirl shit and sissy domination, exclusively by women luckily. I knew this wasn't me - my porn addiction was worsening. I had to quit so I discovered NoFap. I realised its the last obstacle in my life and I must get rid of it. I've quit any type of hardcore p, and reduced it down to some softcore videos just to say goodbye and avoid relapsing badly.

    My life has gotten better since the end of high school. I became more confident, found some mates, started an apprenticeship I enjoy, learnt lots of new stuff, developed as a person and became my real self, the one I was when I was 7-9. Porn is my last obstacle making me feel anxiety and mild depression.

    Anyways, thanks for reading and keep up the good work. The sooner we realise porn is controlling us and that it's blinding us from our true selves, the better.

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