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  1. I want to call her out on it so bad. I think it is rude. My feelings for her are quickly going from loving her to thinking she maybe is not the right girl for me at all.

    She is pretty and smart but I know I can do just as good elsewhere. I can find a quality woman that respects me. Probably soon.

    I am ghosting her back for the next 9 days. I have no reason to message her because im busy and she has turned into an Ice Queen. I messed up somewhere but this girl isnt giving any second chances.

    I am not just giving up though. In 9 days I will ask her out. If she still rejects me then im telling her straight out that im out. Im going to look for something else.

    It all went well but I pushed forward too fast. Killed attraction and now she is just a completely different person. Ghosting is teenage stuff. Grown up women should have the integrity to tell me whats going on and I will be fine with it.
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    @NF SINCE BIRTH as I told you 10 days ago... You can ignore reality but you can't avoid the consequences of ignoring reality. She friendzoned you and you are still pursuing her. Instead of walking away an not talking to her anymore, because she offered a lame friendship, you are still trying to force yourself in her life. That's not how seduction works.
    I already told you what to do, but you are still trying to do it the wrong way and you get what you deserved.. friendzoned and ghosted.

    You are still trying to make her your girlfriend when she is treating you like shit, she doesn't deserve your time, she is not making any effort to like you. You are so obsessed with her witch is making you so blind to see that she is avoiding you at this point, been rude to you, ghosting you and there is no way she is going to be with you if you remain acting so weak in her eyes.

    C'mon man.. you are all over the place. Stop playing games.
    Stop talking to her.. move on. If she ever contact you again she have to make the effort to gain another chance with you (not the other way around). Make her come to your place and kiss and make love to her. Don't accept anything less than that, if she doesn't want to go to your place for a romantic evening the you decline the offer an don't speak to her again until she contact you again and accept your only offer.
    Keep dating other woman that are worthy of your time, this girl is a waste of time and emotions and is making you be all over the place. A woman should rise you up with her companion, not put you down like this.. be a man a walk away when the other person don't offer you a deal that is exactly what you want.
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    I wish I'd started NoFap since birth...
    Anyway if she doesn't want you she simply isn't worth your time. This ignoring stuff you talked about, as twisted and as ****ed up as we all think it is, is how the typical girl will react nowadays when she's not intrested. I know you wish it'd be otherwise but wishing won't do any good for you. You got to face the fact, and the fact is that nothing's going to happen between the two of you. Think about it this way - do you really want to date a girl that treats you this way?
    Move on, there are tons of girls out there, one of them is surely the one for you.

    Best wishes!
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  4. Just say what you feel and stop playing games. This already sounds like a waste of your time and hers, so I would move on with your life tbh

    if your streak is 19 days you probably still have some brain fog so i would work on developing yourself and not getting into complicated emotional situations
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  6. I am over her now, I think. I stopped messaging her at least.
  7. I dont want to date her anymore. The ghosting thing is a complete turn off. She was a good friendship though and might be in the future. Maybe I contact her again in 60 days or something and hopefully after I have found someone else.

    I hate endings. Even friendships. Over 10 friends have actually died on me so I am traumatized in that way.
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    Please, don't!
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    I’m cringing so much
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    No, you are not.

    Yes you do.

    No she wasn't, you wanted her to be you lover, your girlfriend. You are settling for just her friendship in hope she give you a 2nd chance in the future. She is never going to do that.. she is going to use you and keep you in friendzone for favors and validation. Maybe free meals, free tickets to shows etc. Don't be that guy to her... put her out of that pedestal.

    Never speak to her again.
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  11. You dont seem like the most empathetic dude. We have settled on mutual friend zone now. I am friends with all my exes and lovers and what not. I am not the type of guy to break up with people for good. I accept it for what it is and I will threat her like a friend.
  12. Man, it's times like these that I thank god that I'm a Muslim because I don't have to deal with any of this drama shit.
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  13. Well, relationships change over time. I like to keep people around if I generally like them. It is still complicated with this particular girl though. She messaged me today with 6 messages saying sorry and all of that. She has some mental issues but so do I. We have some chemistry but now I friend zoned her because I realized that things are getting too complicated. She isnt really meeting my needs for social contact. She lives far away and we can meet maybe once a week.

    She asked me what I think about an open relationship today though. Well, I guess im open for it but I told her I want to discuss that in person and not trough sms.
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    I'm not trying to be empathetic at all. You asked for help and the best way to make you react and change is to say the true to you, no matter how hard or rough you find it to be. I'm not going to comfort you and tell you that you did everything fine when you didn't.

    All the people that gave you advice here told you to cut her out of your life but you are still considering been with her. You have to participate in your own rescue. You are not willing to change.. so don't come here to ask for help if you are not willing to really listen to the people that tell you something is not of your liking.
    I'm done here, good luck.
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  15. I am not mentally healthy enough to maintain a proper relationship at the moment I think. Thanks for all the advice anyways. Even the harsh ones. I have experienced Hell so to speak. I know real misery. Getting myself into a complex temporarily relationship like this is a walk in the park compared to that. I guess I just need her company.

    I experienced my crush getting hit by the school bus. She went into a coma. I have lost too many friends in a mass shooting. 5 committed suicide in the years after. Sometimes I wonder if I ever will be normal again. Anyways, this girl is schizophrenic and we can talk about anything. Doesnt exactly sound like a dream girl but our conversations have always felt safe and comfortable.

    I find her weird way of thinking quite fascinating. I guess some people would call it disorganized thinking but I somehow manage to follow her strings of thought into the weirdest places.
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    Dude you should really let this girl go. Now that you've seen her true colors its not worth trying to pursue her. Your mind will try to make excuses on why you should stay with her but DONT FALL FOR IT. love is blind and Ive seen way to many boys and men literally ruin their lives to try and stay with a shitty person.
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  18. Just leave her alone man and find someone else, I've been there dude. I kept chasing the first girl I asked out after she rejected me when I was 16, it just created cringeworthy memories and moments. And if anything, I significantly reduced my chances with her every time I asked her out after she rejected me. It's gonna be hard to get over, especially for you because you were actually good friends with her. Just be patient, you'll get over her eventually. It took me like 2 weeks to get over mine, and I only came out much stronger - I'm much more confident around girls now and even scored 2 dates and some even chase me now, not the other way around lmao. You have to let her be, man. She isn't the only girl in the world, you'll certainly find someone much better than her that will make you forget about her/not care about her at all (again I speak from experience haha). Sometimes you just have to take no for an answer.
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  19. All the tips I have received are legit but I took two steps back with her. Right now things are as they where a couple weeks ago. I over thinked everything. Turned out she wasnt really ghosting me. She fell ill and apologized. She is not the usual girl that is glued to her phone all day. She checks it every now and then but never brings it with her.

    So sending her messages is a pretty bad idea really. At least frequently. I am wondering if it is a better idea to just call her every now and then.

    And I dont think we will ever be in a relationship. She lives too far away, we can meet maybe once a week. We can be friends and we can keep the light tone we always had but as a long term girl friend it wont work out.
  20. Well from now on, just treat her like a friend and nothing more. I'm sure you don't hesitate sending messages, try to look your best, etc. to your best buddies so treat her the same.
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