Girl gave me her # but isn't responding. What should I say/do?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Kai101, Jun 25, 2018.

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    Let me give you guys some background info. I'm 16, never had a girlfriend and don't have much experience with flirting or dating or any of that type of stuff. I was at Skate City with my friend Friday night, and this girl who used to go to my high school came up and said I looked familiar. So we chatted and got to know each other a little bit. She seemed to enjoy talking to me. She seemed nice and was exactly my type. She was the one that gave me her number at the end of the night. I didnt even ask for it, but I was glad to receive it anyway ha ha. Anyway, a half hour after me getting her number I texted her saying "hey this is Kai101 (replacing my real name) from skate city." Then immediately after she said "you cute Kai101." Then I said "ha ha thanks. I was thinking the same thing about you." The next day I texted "what's up?" Its been a day and she hasn't responded. I tend to obsess and worry when i dont get a reply and doubt myself wondering if I said something that she could've taken the wrong way. I'm so confused right now and dont know what to make of the situation. She's too years older than me if that helps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    I attached the message as well if anyone wants some referance.

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    You can just call her. I don't know if phone calls are rare in the world of teenagers but it might even surprise and impress her. If she doesn't pick up, you can send her a final message saying: "Look, I really like you and would love to spend some time with you. If you are too busy to respond, that's ok and I won't be bothering you anymore."

    If she still doesn't respond, then it means that she is not into you and she gave her number for some other reason, like getting some attention etc. So don't obsess, move on and keep trying.
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    Do exactly what that guy above said. But i think you attach too great value to it. Maybe she's really busy, who knows. Just keep in mind that everything (almost) girls says is nothing, empty. Don't take it seriosly. Good luck, bro
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    That's tough, man. It ain't the end of the world tho. You're doing the right thing, don't send her a bunch of other messages. If she's interested, she'll reply. If not, no harm.

    Who knows, maybe she broke her phone. There's many possibilities.
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    1 day omg, be patient not needy wait a bit!
  6. If shes not responding she's not interested, let her go

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  8. i am a girl (26 years old). try to send just another text asking her something or if she wants to hang out. get straight to the point, if you text "what's up" or "hey" something like this it is boring and doesn't require a reply
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    Thanks for the advice. I texted her to see if she wanted to hang out a on Tuesday, but no reply, so I'm just going to fotget about her.
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    Translated, you're cute as in brotherly cute especially if you're two years younger. Cut your losses move on you're still young though.
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    That being said, she does probably like you because girls don't just hand out their numbers like that.
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  12. at least you got an answer, i like being straightforward so you know if it is yes or no and don't waste time
  13. Use first calls or text to set up dates this is so you don't run out of things to say on first dates that would be wasted on calls, give it a few days if a women is interested in you she will get in touch with you . I know it can be hard not to think about it but you have to give it some days, and move on. I know another thing I learned in dating if you call after a few days and she asks who are you its not good move on if she cannot remember your name than its a big red flag to move on to someone excited to meet you think of it this way if you were realy attracted to a girl you just meet you would not forget her name would you?
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    block that number and you done
  15. Pmo is in the past

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    Just move on.Find another girl.She clearly is not interested enough and she might have other options.
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