Girl gave me her number and said I was cute, but now is not responding to texts?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Kai101, Jun 24, 2018.

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    Let me give you guys some background info. I'm 16, never had a girlfriend and don't have much experience with flirting or dating or any of that type of stuff. I was at Skate City with my friend Friday night, and this girl who used to go to my high school came up and said I looked familiar. So we chatted and got to know each other a little bit. She seemed to enjoy talking to me. She seemed nice and was exactly my type. She was the one that gave me her number at the end of the night. I didnt even ask for it, but I was glad to receive it anyway ha ha. Anyway, a half hour after me getting her number I texted her saying "hey this is Kai101 (replacing my real name) from skate city." Then immediately after she said "you cute Kai101." Then I said "ha ha thanks. I was thinking the same thing about you." The next day I texted "what's up?" Its been a day and she hasn't responded. I tend to obsess and worry when i dont get a reply and doubt myself wondering if I said something that she could've taken the wrong way. I'm so confused right now and dont know what to make of the situation. She's too years older than me if that helps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    I attached the message as well if anyone wants some referance.

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    Yes. It's absolutely your fault and you did the wrong thing. That's why she isn't responding to you. You offended her by saying you thought she was cute. You now have every reason to doubt your self worth.

    This is what happens when you take everything personally. It's personal importance to think that everything and everyone revolves around you. It must have been something you did or didn't do right? It must have been something about you right?

    Your need for answers is what's causing your fear and anxiety. There's no answers unless she's willing to communicate. Maybe she changed her mind about you. Maybe she found somebody else. Maybe her grandma died. Maybe she lost her phone. Maybe she's focusing on school. Maybe she's binge watching a tv show.

    Who the fuck knows?

    Just let it go. It's up to her if she wants to talk to you. It doesn't matter what happened. This is how it is now. No closure. She doesn't owe you anything.
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  3. Hey that's great she gave you her number , try not to overthink things keep it light and don't take what she says or doesn't say to serous have fun with it
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    I'd just play it cool. She might be playing hard to get or got carried away while prob having a bf. Women do that btw, they will flirt with u while they are single and the next day they will just go cold cuz they realize they playin with fire. My advice just wait a while say about a week or two. Then u message her like , maybe u been busy was hoping we could go out or even call her. If she doesnt respond there u wait a few days and be like "Oh well. I would have liked to get to know u. I don't really keep numbers of people that don't respond on my phone. So gonna delete this number if u dont respond by tomorrow. Whatever ur doing , hope it works out. Peace."
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    Just stopping by to give my usual 2 cents when people complain about miscommunication in the mysterious art of texting: Call her. Ask her what you want to know. Problem solved. If she doesn't pick up repeatedly, let her go.
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    First things first, you did nothing wrong. What she said to U, U returned the favour and complemented her back. It was a pretty good response too, trust me.

    Second thing is when a girl says you cute, usually she just see's a friend nothing more and the fact that she didn't respond was her trying not to get your hopes up or trying to not give you the wrong idea. My suggestion to you is to just calm down for now and avoid creeping her out.

    Text her only if you happen to see her at the mall or if something interesting about her comes up. Do not force a conversation she doesn't owe you anything and she's probably in a relationship.

    This is typical girl behavioral, yes she finds you cute but girls dont get attracted to guys who they refer to as cute. It just shows you a good guy, interesting to talk to but not the (her) type to date.

    Do not put your hopes up for this girl buddy as you will get blown away. Then again U can use this to your advantage and show her what she's missing out on, but for now give her some space.

    Good Luck
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    You made two errors here.

    The "What's up" thing is a bad shot. Girls hate that kind of thing. It's literally saying "I fancy you but I'm too lazy to think of anything to say, so I want you to do all the work". Girls hate that. They want something to say Yes or No to, or at least something to *respond* to. Literally, "I hate carrots, what about you?" is better flirting than "What's up?". Sorry to sound harsh kid, just trying to help you.

    Your second error? What's missing here is any plan to meet her. That's *the best thing of all* to let her respond to. What you needed to do in reply to her "cute" comment was to suggest a plan for the two of you meet up somewhere. Like:

    —Ha ha. Thanks.

    —I was thinking the same thing about you.

    —Hey, I'm going to [x] on Saturday, you want to come along?
    What [x] is depends on what stuff you like. If you're 16, if could be the skate park again, or going to the movies, or for a milkshake or whatever you kids do now. For the old guy with grey hair [x] could be an art gallery or an opera or something. Same principle from 16 to 86. As soon as possible, make a plan of a thing to do, could be really little, and invite her to come along. That's how to get a date. Or at least get a No, in which case say "No problem, good to meet you!" and move on.

    If she says she'd like to but can't come on that day, then come back with another day, and get your Yes or No. If she can't come that day either, then only *now*, on the third attempt, is it legit for you to hand her some of the initiative by asking her to let you know a day when she's free. If she doesn't get back to you with a date, then move on.

    When you get to be an older guy, you should have two or three well worked out date offers you can come out with instantly—places to go or things to see with girls or women. You might go to that art gallery or milkshake bar 10 times with different women. Not a problem.

    How to rescue this now? I suggest you text her again, like this:

    —Hey, Kai101 from the skate park here again. Remember me?

    —I'm going to [x] on Saturday, you want to come along?
    Don't wait for an answer in between. Basically only 5 things can happen: 1—She says Yes, so you're meeting her at [x] on Saturday; 2—She can't do Saturday, see my advice above; 3—She says No, move on; 4—No reply, move on; 5—She replies but doesn't give you any answer about your [x] plan, in which case keep chatting with her but remind her a few times of your [x] plan till one of options 1 to 4 happens.
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    Aside from the texting faux pas ( You can fix them by looking up Charisma on command / Based Zeus on youtube)
    You are simply overthinking , even if you wrote the perfect text , if she's not available she won't answer . And you should do the same thing , Good luck to you and if you really want to go out with her just call , it works wonders.
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    There is no perfect text or perfect response.
    If that woman is for you, she will reply in any case!
    1st mistake: You sent her a second message even though she didn't reply! you never do that. It shows you are needy
    2nd mistake: You are still thinking about her

    Many girls give their number to guys just to feel wanted, but do not want to get intimate! From the very first time you realize this, just walk away! 99% of men tend to obsess over women they meet and they keep sending texts even though she dont reply.
    Real men dont do that!
    As soon as she dont respond, you just stop. When she sees you or remember you she will say "that man is not needy for sure". And that is your victory. That is how you stand out from the rest of needy men!
    This is all my opinion from past experiences and may not be 100% of all cases.
    I hope i;ve helped you
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