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    Thanks for your interest.

    My story has evolved a lot since my first post in this thread.

    I didn’t see her on the bus for the longest time, but I did see her again and I was hyped beyond belief. I was nervous but knew I had to do it. I did approach her and she was cool about it, and we have been chatting after work at 7.30ish since. I’m really happy with how it’s going. She’s older than me by about 4 years but I’m okay with that. I feel a connection. We have similar interests and the conversation is easy.
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    Don't break your tradition.
    Without breaking it enjoy life.
    All the best man.
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  3. And we are all happy with you! This is real life and you are participating in it.
    Kodus good Sir.
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    Thanks to both of you. She initiates conversation too and give lots of compliments, which warms my heart. My goal is to go on a holiday with her next year. I think I can form a strong enough bond to do that.
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    I was about to write something very similar.
    You already too invested in her. Your already thinking and making things up.
    I will go as far as saying, you have already imagined having a relationship and things you will do while being with her.
    This will make you needy and your will try hard to make things go good and happen.
    Also, be prepared for the situation, where you say Hi and shes say "No, thank you, I have a boyfriend" and walks away. Cause this will hurt you bad if your not ready for this.
    Stay away from expectations and best of luck :) .

    I think this guy pretty much said what other things I wanted to say. Listen to what hes saying.
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    Woah woah woah. Reign it in there a bit bud. Take these things one step at a time, and don't make such an outcome dependent goal that depends on *her* actions. Your goal instead should be "ask her on a date" because who knows if she'll actually accept, all you can do is control your own actions.

    If she declines and you had this big goal for next year, then you set yourself up for unnecessary pain.
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    Do not follow her off the bus. You have to approach her on the bus. Following her off the bus is borderline stalkerish, and even if it didn’t come off that way it conveys that you were too afraid of putting your balls on the line in front of people in the moment and making the move. Ideally you should follow the 3 second rule, if you don’t approach within 3 seconds of seeing her you overthink it and it can lower your value in her eyes by conveying that you wanted to approach her but had to work up the courage to do so. Lastly you need to develop an abundance mentality by not placing so much attention on one girl you don’t even know to the extent that you go type up a post about her on a forum. The odds of an approach going in your favor are always against you. Most women will reject you and that’s ok, there are many out there who won’t and would love to go out but they are the minority. Even if she likes you initially it is very easy to lose attraction if you don’t know what you are doing and if she senses that she’s the only one you are interested in. Start working on dating multiple women non exclusively to get an understanding of dating and the nature of intersexual dynamics.
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    This started off really good then went straight over a cliff..
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    This dude is my hero for a guy with low confidence
    Respect earned++

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