Girl on reddit rants about men

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Furozima10, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. Furozima10

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    Here is a screenshot of what she Said:

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  2. rubiksnerd45

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    This girl is literally a hypocrite. She claims that ugly men don’t have a gf because they don’t take the time to look for girls like them, but the woman who posted this literally said ALL guys watch porn. That isn’t true, and she needs to look for men who don’t, which she isn’t, and blames other guys for not doing the same thing.
  3. modern milarepa

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    The girl that made that post name is WysteriaHysteria.

    She's already screaming she's hysterical. Don't listen to her. Smh

    Also what a horrible misleading title for this thread

    "women think 99% of men are ugly"
    Neither the text says it. Also this is just an opinion not a general consensus of all women.
  4. bestme996

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  5. For God's sake, this is the pure definition of a modern-day feminist and SJW. I can recognize one from far away. You need to be stupid to believe what she says.
  6. Atticus

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    Misery loves company.
  7. She - if that person is a she - is definitely not a feminist, because that has nothing to do with looks. Sounds like a bitter person to me. But it goes both ways - don't stereotype all people based on some bad experiences. I know tons of mature women and I don't think a single one of them would agree with her.
  8. Based on what I've seen online, interviews, protests, articles etc. the ,,modern-day'' feminists just hate men. Mystery solved. It's not that type of feminism that fights for women's rights and equality of opportunities. That's why the majority of women don't identify as feminists but want equality of opportunities. Yeah, as you said ,,mature women'', not some 30-year-old woman who got stuck in a middle-age crisis, bad job, maybe some kids and blame men for everything bad from her life and now she wants some special treatment.
  9. sh0gun

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    "Ugly women aren't ugly, but ugly men definitely are."
  10. sh0gun

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    People deserve empathy whether they are ugly or not. The irony that she calls ugly men shallow when the whole post is about not having empathy for ugly men.
  11. I don't really see what's so wrong about what she said
    EDIT: just to clarify, she went a little too over the line with "no empathy" but she's right that most unattractive men you see are just lacking in the self-care department
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  12. Redemptionisrequired

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    Probably the bit about “men on the other hand don’t do shit to improve their looks” and the lack of empathy for any man who she would consider ugly . It seems a bit odd to lump all “ugly” men in the same camp like that, just as it would to make the same statement about all “ugly” women. I think dealing in absolutes is quite dangerous, especially considering that she’s met what, 1000 men in her lifetime? Which, if I’d say the number she’s actually spoken to at length (in person), is probably half of that, if not less. Quite a small sample size to make such a claim, I would assume she’s basing her statement “as a lurker” off of people online. To be honest, the post itself screams volumes of her own insecurity.

    At the end of day, any person who disrespects someone based upon their appearance is a sack of shit. By no means is there an absolute in any gender, of the potential for sack of shitness.

    On to the important, Carp, why the hell did you eat my new Corolla again ?
  13. Mr. Rosco

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    I don't kill people for their looks. Looks are really second nature to me. I want to know people for their personality more. I have basic respect and empathy for people of both genders. this is due to being raised by loving parents. then she says that all we do is watch adult sites and play video games. not all men do that. the stupidity of people irritate me a ton.
  14. loverofpeace

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    The most serious flaw I see in that post is how hurtful and insensitive it is.

    Second, there's a lot of generalization and sexism.

    Third, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's dangerous to focus on the exterior too much.
  15. I was hungry
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  16. @Furozima10 which subreddit was this? And what did you think or why did you post it here?


    Evidently she fell victim to one of the classic blunders of assuming one knows the whole life context of an entire class of people. For this to make sense we would have to assume every ugly man think like this, which apparently isn't subject to the qualification that she gives for women who are not really ugly.

    I mean, how would she know? How many 'ugly men' does she know the whole life context of, besides maybe her family or a few people she has dated seriously? And if she has a lot of experience in this, why is she surrounded by ugly men both in terms of family and BF?
  17. She's not wrong though. Being an ugly woman would definitely be a lot worse than being an ugly man. An ugly man can still be a respected badass motherfucker even if he gets little to no women, an ugly woman can't do much to compensate - maybe just drown herself in makeup and open her legs for everyone.
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  18. Sounds like the women who wrote that needs therapy, she bashes men but i wonder what she looks like she didnt post a real photo of herself must be a supermodel lol , she needs to get a life she is just trying to get attention
  19. FlorianStayStrong

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    She can say what she want, the most people doasn't act like that, and that is what matters. Focus on reality not on random Internet warroirs.
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  20. Silver36

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    I dont see what's wrong with this? Some ugly chick ranting about ugly men not wanting her..

    And she is stating facts as well, ugly men still want beautiful women, and a lot of dudes do sit on their ass all day.
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