Girlfriend broke up with me and I'm already looking at other girls.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Ju1c3t1n, Feb 11, 2018.

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    I'm 18 and in high school and I've completed 20 days of no PMO. I've been off and on doing nofap since July of 2017 usually for a week or two at a time before another relapse. I'm finally tied with my streak that I first had when I started this journey (woohoo!).

    My girlfriend broke up with me 5 days ago and to be fair it was only two and a half months, but I'm already well along my way of getting over her. It was a good breakup with no real hard feelings but I expected to feel sad for longer then three or four days. We had a really loving relationship and I really did like her lot.

    This is a little strange to me because 2 years ago I broke up with my ex and I wasn't interested in dating for months. I was sad a lot longer and generally had a harder time getting over it all. I've already been thinking about other girls and heck, yesterday a random girl asked me for my number. Maybe getting over a relationship this fast isn't related to nofap but I'm wondering if anyone else has gone through a similar experience. I can really see the difference now that I'm a free agent though. I've definitely garnered more attention from girls and my newfound confident actions have really helped me with that.

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