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    Hi all, I hope you’re streaks aren’t going well!

    so I’m currently on a reboot to stop my PIED and porn addiction. I’m 19 and I’ve never had a relationship or sex yet but I’ve done other stuff with women. I’ve read forums and different articles etc and I’m trying to learn as much as I can during this reboot to help my journey become affective.

    One thing that I’ve not seen a clear answer for is whether you should be intimidate with a woman during reboot, for example kissing or cuddling a girlfriend. I’d probably guess that sex is out of the question for a while but the smaller things such as kiss, cuddling and maybe even pleasure her, like is that okay/allowed during a hard mode reboot or should you just avoid these.

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    Great question. The hardline NoFap stance advocates a "hardmode" reboot which is 90 days no orgasm of any kind. In this scenario "technically" you could kiss, cuddle etc. your girlfriend and even give her orgasms as long as you don't cum yourself but I would really advise you not to go that far as it will turn you on without release, causing painful blue balls. If you commit to hardmode it really should be 90 days no sex of any kind.

    Now for some guys in relationships this gets tough because the girl isn't gonna want to go without sex for 90 days. That's why there is "softmode" which allows for you to orgasm as long as it's from sexual activity with your partner and not masturbation... and as with hardmode, no porn in the equation at all.

    I've seen a lot of guys say it's the least difficult to reboot when you're not in a relationship because you only have yourself to deal with. Guys have lost their girlfriends while hard rebooting because the girl wants sex and finds another guy to give it to her. This post may not give you an answer but hopefully you know a little more what's all involved. Good luck!
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